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Insert Title Here (or the Art of Fashion Blogging)


CL: Hello
GU: Hey There: : )
CL: Did you get a chance to go over to Orage yet and check out those other dollarbies?
GU: Just logged in
CL: Me, too.
GU: I will run over there now. Meet you?
CL: Okay, by the way, I sent her a link to the post I did on her stuff. She sent me a dress as a thank you.
GU: And I got a folder from Wig Wam Bam. I guess that AnonySue is right, WE DO GET ALL OUR STUFF FREE!!!
CL: lol! TP Me!

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What A Honey – Plus some Free AO Info

posted by Gidge Uriza

I heard from a couple of different places that Honey, not a new designer but in a new shop, was a having a sale the other day and so I popped over to check it out.  After having been on SUCH A cocktail dress binge lately, I’ve been itching to let the more casual, old-school Gidge out of the closet for a bit.  Yesterday it was men’s clothes but today I had to slip back into something a little more girly. The designs at Honey are what I think we’re all coming to expect, lotsa nice details – fun fresh color combinations and realisitic fashions.

Because while I appreciate the Bird Cage dress, I’m not wearing it OUT.

I’m also indulging in a bit of nostalgia here. This hair, from CAKE, was my first nonsystem hair. My friend Queen bought it for me about a year and a half ago, and then I went systemically through their store over the next few months buying every single STYLE of this color. Now just a note about this hair.  You can see the clip there? Ok, as a new player, been playing like oh 20 minutes, I was whisked around SL to upgrade the AV and this hair was one of the purchases. Those hair clips says SCRIPTED. I never, ever, in a year and a half ever bothered to check what that meant. I thought it was referring to the hair being flexi frankly………and then when I got dressed…..I touched them. Continue reading

Don't Cry For Me, I'm Evita

Posted by Gidge Uriza

A good friend of mine always keeps a large stable of women in SL. He gives them land and houses and they sometimes rotate who is #1 and sometimes there is a long term #1 like now, but no matter what – when Evita blows into town – all bets are off. Continue reading

Sweetie Freebies and 2 Mysteries

posted by Gidge Uriza

It all started with the shirt. I was surfing around onrez looking for something – I dunno what – just SOMETHING when I used the sort filter and looked at the freebies.  This cute little tank just jumped out at me and I knew it’d rock with my candy belt that Miffy made.

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TOURIST with Dollarbie Hair!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Silo and I are sometimes considered insanely touristy, both in RL and SL. We like kitsch (aske me about the Elvis shrine at Wang Manor) and touristy fun things. We love to go and DO things, no matter what the cheese factor involved is. This is probably demonstrated best by the fact that when we got married in RL we eloped down in Gatlinburg TN – cheesy kitsch capitol of the USA. Who knows what we’ll do if we ever bother to partner in SL. Continue reading

A really good shoo!

I have several different options to show you with this outfit, but first let me talk about the shoes. From H&U, these lovely ribbon sandals come in several color combinations that perfectly complement so many outfits. I have other sandals, but these are amazingly well-made. For the mix-and-matcher, the wonderfully flexible color combinations in the sandals are a strong complement to many outfits. To be frank, the shoes were the starting point for the outfit.

I started the outfit off with the Novocaine Frayed Top in green and brown (the jungle option) and matched that with leather pants from Adam n Eve. Feeling a bit frisky, I decided to wear the mischievous Lio hair style from 0 Style.  A photo without the jacket is at the end of the post. Continue reading

Hellbound to Paris

When I saw the ad for Diversity Hair’s newest hairstyle, the model was wearing this corset and I was all “gotta have it.”  Thanks to Aleri and Sasy, I was able to track down the eye-dazzling corset, the jacket layer of a lovely black and purple lolita style dress called Hellbound from Sn@tch. Some of its appeal comes from the lovely ruffle detail along the top, but wait until you see the zing on the back. Continue reading

Glitter Baby Pink Puff

Glitter Baby Pink Puff

By Cajsa Lilliehook

I was in a shopping mood and knew I would be trekking hither and yon and I surely did, visiting shopping centers from Portland to Milan to Mumbai to Tokyo and ports in between. A girl’s gotta be comfortable when hopping around like that, especially walking from one end of a sim the other to make sure not to miss the little boutiques with great craft, originality and no land description. Paper Couture’s silk wrapped low heels are perfect shoes for long walks, the heels comfortably low, but still fashionably chic.

And then….I could not resist putting on some of my purchases as I went along. First up, I found this lovely purple blouse @ Emery. It comes with black slacks, but then I went to Callie Cline’s store and noticed for the first time that there is an upstairs…and found these pants so aptly named Glitter Baby Pink Puff. They come in several colors, but it looks as though the basic pants are the same and the color differences are in the top and one pants alternate…and that this particular pant i am wearing comes with any color option. 

The find of the day however was this perfectly messy hair from creamshop. Why is it perfect? Well, in RL I fell asleep on wet, uncombed hair (bad, bad, bad) and this is my RL hairstyle today. What synchronicity! I could not resist wearing it.

More photos available on my flickr. Additional info and style notes after the jump.

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Persona's Bonny Bonnie Blouse & a word about flesh melt

Bonnie Blue

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Polka dots are such fresh and lively prints. Just putting on one polka dot item will wake you up almost as much as a cappuccino, but imagine the effect of layering polka dots on polka dots with your accessories. In this outfit, I even feel ready to tackle my laundry.

Okay, I love this blouse. It’s light and airy like Spring and it makes me feel happy to wear it. And…it’s so versatile i hardly spent much time at all thinking about what to wear with it, some blue pants from eLDee and blue shoes from paper couture and I was set to go. Except….gotta wear my Nanogunk socks.

Now, if you have not run to Nanogunk and spent the princely sum of 10L for the their socks and gloves, what are you waiting for? Everyone needs a pair – men and women. You know how when you wear bell sleeves or bell pants, your flesh expands to the width of the sleeve or pant leg and you get this ugly fleshy bottom? Not if you put these socks or gloves on, they leave your hands and legs uncovered but cover that flesh melt with a nice shadowy black so your legs and arms look the way they should. Best 10L I ever spent.

More photos on my Flickr page and the style notes after the jump.

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