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Post Apocalyptica – Naeko Part 2

posted by Gidge Uriza

I went away from Neko and into a different RP after I bought these goggles at Naeko. Here you see me smoking my last good French cigarette, and pondering how to maintain my fashionista lifestyle – THE DAY AFTER.

The cigarette and the goggles were fighting for an attachment point, so I had to flip them about a bit until I made them both work. Took a while. I’m teary eyed because I had to blow up all the dramaz-qeenz with my Corrupted Cannon – another gift from Naeko during the hunt. Continue reading

A Post With Multiple Purposes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

First up, today is the SXY2nd Magazine Launch Wingding on the SXY2nd Sim and it’s a full scale Whup-ti-doo! From 12-4pm SLT it’s beach wear so put on your beach clothes or bathing suits and head over to party!

Then from 4-6pm it’s a white party! Put on your white and don’t miss part two of this celebration!

Now, part two of my purpose……


Black and Blue on Fancy Friday

posted by Gidge Uriza

Wearable art is something that we all like to dream about wearing. Well, some of us. The ones without real goals or actual responsibilities.

I like to pretend I am one of those people, therefore I stand by my first statement.

Wearable art is something that we all like to dream about wearing. Continue reading

She Wears High Heels When She Exercises

posted by Gidge Uriza

Just out for a quckĀ  jog through the blogoshpere here………wearing a new release from Don’t Ask.

The most annoying part of being me is my amazing lack of attention to detail that I only ever notice days and days later.

I wrote down both this and another outfit as being called Revecca. Well, good thing we’re not a megastore so either one is easy to find -right?

Miffy made this top in a rainbow of colors again (yay Miffy!) and she’s made a cute denim mini to go with. I dunno, I don’t love denim mini’s a LOT so I rarely even look twice at them, but this one is fairly cha-cha without being hoochie.

There is a fine line between cha-cha and hoochie – doncha think? Continue reading

Casual Friday 5 – Don't Ask Why I Picked 5

posted by Gidge Uriza

Oh It’s FRIIIII DAY! And I have no idea how many casual Friday posts we’ve done between us so I picked a number! Because I can!

I’m a bit gleeful at the weekend having arrived, can ya tell?

Okay to start my weekend off right I’m wearing……OH YES……From Don’t Ask the Casual REVECCA by Miffyhoi Rosca! Super casual for hanging out with my friends but cute at the same time! Continue reading

Cajsa is a Princess, I Am Comfy Casual

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok so I gotta get some formal wear shot because I am looking like a girl who only wears jeans suddenly.


So here is what is up. I’ve been practicing shooting and putting the shots up over at FreestyleĀ – trying stuff out and hearing all about it when I fail but learning nonetheless.Ā  So then in my next experiment, I took all the stuff Miffy had given me from her new releases and shot it all in one night. Continue reading

Quick Look – Zenith Summer Dress at Don't Ask

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I wasn’t looking, Miffyhoi Rosca went in and dumped a ton of news in the store. I suppose it’s because she’s in Hong Kong and I’m exactly 12 hours opposite that we often are just ships passing in the night that I missed it.

Oh, and the fact that I’m a bad store owner and don’t do a daily walk through.Ā  Continue reading

I Have Come Here to Kick @ss and Chew Bubblegum

posted by Gidge Uriza

And I’m all out of bubblegum.


Okay so Belle sent me over to check out the boutique of a friend – EDGE DESIGNS and I was really excited to check out the cute offerings inside. The store itself was interesting and although the collection isn’t huge, there were some fun pieces.

The creator,Mrohs showed up while I was there and droppedĀ this unreleasedĀ super cute tough girl outfit (I’m thinking THUNDERDOME!) on me that I had to share.

I wanted to completely kick somone’s ass while wearing this. I originally picked this hair up at Damselfly because I thought it was pretty but then I thought it looks messy and tough girl, so paired it with this outfit. Continue reading