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Mobile Home Princess

Yes she’s a Trailer Park Woman

She’s a Mobile Home Princess


I was doing another mishmash when I got inspired to make a Halloween Costume out of my inventory – to put beautiful things together in a way that no creator ever intended – just to rock some trailer park style.

 Seriously, you know I just spent the night at a club partying with random guys and doing snakebites. 

Luckily I’ve got this comfy bedroom situated right off the kitchen – built in furniture FTW!

Ok, I might be daffy with giddyness at being back. But I was having way too much fun shooting this – and being silly.

And – I think Kavar may have created my favorite JBF hair ever, whether he meant to or not.

Let’s Party!

Trailer Park Style Notes:

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Aimesi – Amely in Cashmere
  • Hair – Exile – Kalea in Ash
  • Eyes – PXL Creations – glow eyes in FATE
  • Top – Pixel Dolls – Atlantis in Violet
  • Pants – BOO by Sascha’s Designs

Amber Waves of Grain

I dropped into 6Pi the other day –  a beautiful sim for the Fall into Decay store and just fell in love. I saw a picture of it in New World Notes – the SL news blog. There was an article highlight Koin-Up SL Explorers group and there were these stunning photos that made me write it down for exploring when I logged in.

I know the Donna Flora pantsuit is a touch dressy for exploring, but that’s one of the lovely things about SL. I don’t have to worry about cockleburrs and dry-cleaning.

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I Have One Thing To Say…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

When you save stuff onto flicker, save it into sets or it ges lost like this pretty!

Available for only L$10 at the big Pixel Dolls sale I just love this Paw Prints Cheongsam. I even left the regular shape on cuz there was so much discussion today about people liking curves. So there you go Anti and Analu. Big bootie. Continue reading

Woot! Woot!

PixelDolls Crochet Dress Kit

In plurk yesterday someone asked where folks buy gestures and I snarked that I don’t buy them because I hate them. I have never used the Woot! or Hoo! gestures. In fact, I deleted them as I do most gestures. So of course, friends have had to send me little messages saying Woot! because that’s  how the world works.

PixelDolls Marie Lace

PixelDolls Marie Lace

Now, about a week ago, I was actually in a position where the Woot! gesture would have been appropriate. You might recall the outfit I wore last week with the black crochet gloves. Folks could not find it, so I im’ed Nephaline Protagonist the creator of PixelDolls and asked if it was still on sale. She said she was going to make it a group gift, but then….the next day I got this off-line IM to email. “Hi sweetie! I tracked down that glove map, and reworked the whole thing a bit- I had quite forgotten what a neat top and stuff that was. I just put some items in my shop that use the maps- I’m sending you copies via Xstreet. Thanks for everything!!! <3”

PixelDolls Marie Crochet

PixelDolls Marie Crochet

Woot! She released three (four if you count the white skirt options) versions of the older dress, reworked so they are even better.  So here they are, thanks in part to you readers asking how to find those gloves, which prompted me to ask, prompting her to revisit those old files. And seriously, these dresses are too sexy by half – whether the daring crochet or the slightly more demure lace, with or without the corset. These are clothes for when you are hell bent on seduction and some of the hottest gloves ever.

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Mix and Match Fun:Posh + Pixel Dolls=Festive!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I turned into Cajsa the other night when working on putting together an outfit and realized that I thought that this black party dress from POSH needed a different skirt.

There was nothing WRONG with the skirt that came with it, it’s a really cute gift that was out in the store. But it’s so much fun to pull outfits apart and put them back together in different ways – creating something new. Continue reading

I ♥ Pixel Dolls

I ♥ Pixel Dolls. They were one of the first stores of my Second Life and one where I spent many of my hard-earned lindens. Believe me, when you get paid 300L/week for clearing prim trash at a mall, you earn it and every purchase is long-considered, and Pixel Dolls earned a warm spot with its reasonable cost, many layers and fabulous fat packs. This outfit, Leonides, is just a perfect example of why they are wonderful. It is flexible, can be worn multiple ways and can be worn as separates with other clothing. No wonder I and many, many others ♥ Pixel Dolls.

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Summer Nights

When you want to dress up for those hot summer night, sometimes the freshness of icy colors like silver and ice blue can make you feel just a tiny bit cooler. Sure, it’s all in your head, but so is everything else in life.  This Pixel Dolls Limelight corset in silver looks almost like I am wearing ice and that could give you just a little shiver of cool feeling.  The ice blue skirt is from LeeZu and is icier than you think. The Skyline necklace and earrings have an icy look, too. These are from a store I discovered on a hunt – ci:di

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All Dolled Up

I love Pixel Dolls. Have I said that before? The store was one of my early shopping discoveries back when I was pretty new to Second Life. It was probably the fourth or fifth store I discovered and within my budget range.  Of course, with the amazing 50L sale that just ended, it’s even more affordable lately.  It’s definitely a place for stocking up on good separated like this highwaisted skirt. Now this skirt is one that makes just about any shirt wearable. I think my readers know by now I am not a lover of the crop top look – not in RL or SL. I want my shirts long enough to reach my skirt or pants and long enough to tuck in.  Sometimes though, a shirt is just so adorable I cannot resist and then it sits unworn.  Unless, of course, there’s a highwaisted skirt that can coodinate. Luckily, Pixel Dolls made this skirt in a host of colors.

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Keeping Warm

posted by Gidge Uriza

Keeping warm during these final days of winter is proving to be a joy as I work together pretties from various places.  This entire outfit started out with Digit Darkes VIPER Capris. Do you think Digit killed and skinned this viper herself? Continue reading

I <3 Pixel Dolls

Pixel Dolls has been running a 50L sale for weeks now – discounting dresses one type of clothing one week and another the next.  Since I have always thought their regular prices were a good deal for their quality and thoughtful construction – this 50L sale is more exciting for me than the freebie hunts. You see, Pixel Dolls creates wonderful textures and rich, deep and vibrant colors and makes them on every layer. Their clothing is versatile and wonderful for mash-ups.

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