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Femme Vitale

This is such a lovely, spring-like dress and today is sunny and bright after weeks of rain and snow and ick, that I could not resist pulling it out. A lovely vintage gown from the duchess of vintage, Neferia Abel of Ivalde, this has a lovely satin floral print with sheer tulle on the bodice.

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Because there can never be enough newspaper dresses

LeLutka Clipping Dress

I love newspapers and  so why not show that love with a newspaper dress?  LeLutka, more recently Cachet, entered the sorority of newpaper honoring creators with this lovely little dress that is dressed up a bit with a lovely net ruffle at the back.

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Dress Me Up Challenge: Cajsa by Luna

I think you should picture me shaking my fist and hollering, “I’ll get you, my pretty!” after completing this last, but certainly not the least, Dress Me Up Challenge. It was a tough one. I only hope I succeeded with the brief from Luna Jubilee.

I think you should bring Disco back! That’s right – Disco … but Disco Skating baby!! Legwarmers, skates, that onepiece leotard that looks like a bathing suit and big poofy pigtails.  Good Luck!!  *giggles*

I have one big request. Bax Coen, make me some roller skates!!!

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LeeZu Baxter has made a gorgeous jacket that I absolutely adore even though it eats up my necklace attachment points. Actually, I totally love it so long as I look at it from the front. I like it from the back, but wish she had not put text on the back. I am not a text on my clothing sort of gal.

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Audrey & Hepburn, not Audrey Hepburn

When I received a promotional copy of the new Stiletto Moody shoes tonight called Audrey, I could not resist being a total cliche and pairing it with the Hepburn dress from Azul. Now I confess to being as hesitant as the next person to splurging on these shoes but I was counting and figuring to see if I could swing it because they looked so lovely and might work so well in photos.

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Analu's Armoire Diversity Take Two

I have been thinking about getting a nice men’s suit for some time, so Analu’s Armoire Diversity Challenge helped me take the plunge. I love the look – it makes me think of Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and Lauren Bacall – the many glorious actresses who showed how great women can look. They may have dressed like men, but it only accentuated their femininity.

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From Hong Kong with Love

My friend Miffy (Miffyhoi Rosca) has been making clothes a little over a year now. I have spent hours sitting on her Electro-Kitty pig watching while she concocts one of those outrageous belts with filled with different kinds of candy or cigarettes or looped together a prim skirt and admired her sure and confident whipping of prims into shape. Her style is youthful and fun and just keeps getting better. Once or twice a week she drops her newest and latest on me to check out. Lately, though, her style is branching out into more colors and I am finding it much more appealing for me personally. Take this lovely red dress.

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And now for something completely different

I ushered the marvelous runway show of Eshi Otawara’s new collection on Saturday – an extraordinarily simple task richly rewarded with one of her smokey tux gowns that I wore as I greeted people. After the show, I went to her shop and dithered forever trying to decide what to purchase because I wanted so many. One purchase that I did not dither over was the fantastical Green Blossoms, the outfit I am wearing here…and yes, it is completely different.

Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Harper

For my last Dress Me Up Challenge, Harper said “Nuff of this pink stuff. I want some hard core goth–skin and all. Make all the vamp boys sweat. Make all the emo girls suffer. Do it up, Casja ;)” Well, I don’t think vampires sweat, but I can check on that. I think I  may have missed it on this challenge, I don’t see much sweating and suffering in my reader’s future as a result of this outfit.

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