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Whimsy at Linden Endowment for the Arts


I put on this dress from Donna Flora and loved the whimsical fabric choice. This inspired me to leave my box and head off in search of a fun, whimsical place to shoot. I started at Linden Endowment for the Art by opening my map and entering LEAin the search window starting with 1. By the way, LEA1 is gorgeous, just not whimsical. Anyway, I ended up at 13 where I fell in love. I was so excited I mass broadcast a SLURL to everyone  online telling them I found a great sim if they wanted to check it out. Several folks showed up for a peek, enough to make me crash.


And some of us danced! Yay for mesh skirts that skipped along with us. As you can see, Gidge and I, completely by coincidence, wore the same dress – and look very different. She’s wearing a much more classic feminine style while mine is casual and playful.

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Peeking Around the Corner


I took a peek around at some of the builds rising up around where we are working on It’s Only Fashion’s SL9B exhibit and am so impressed. A favorite among my neighbors is a beautiful woodland scene. I don’t know if it’s finished since it’s pure scenery now, but it’s so lovely. If even one-fourth of the exhibits are this beautiful, you would be well-advised to visit SL9B and explore. For my exploration I put together a top from E! and a skirt from Tee*fy. The top has delicious eyelet detailing that gives it a romantic femininity. The skater skirt from Tee*fy is a lovely romantic floral, though the skirt is also made in many other prints – including some very mod prints.


Notice that the skirt is lined on the inside. If it were left alpha as many mesh skirts are, I could not have shot this picture – and I really wanted to capture the feeling of this place.

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Ribbons, Bows and Furbelows, Casual Hair at Hair Fair


What are furbelows anyway? I googled and found out they are pleats or ruffles used to embellish your clothing – so good enough. This is collection of Hair Fair styles that are more casual and incorporate hats, headbands, ribbons, flowers or even butterflies. Any additional adornment or embellishment. There are 29 styles and you can see the full size pictures in this Flickr set.

FrouFour Picnic_008

Looking for a more casual outfit to show off these hairstyles, I pulled out these WoE Gauge 2 Jeans with the strawberry patch. The top is a shortie from Moonshine and the belt is from Coco.
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World's End

I went to the World’s End last night and contrary to most apocalyptic movies, it was lovely. Dressing for the world’s end is a tricky business – do you want to get all Mad Max and ready for anything or do you want to hold fast to your own aesthetic and be at ease? I don’t know the best choice for every world’s end scenario, but for the World’s End build in Second Life, this feminine, soft pastel print dress from e!, or Eclectic Apparel and Accessories.
In the popular parlance of X Y is X, Beautiful sim is beautiful. In the preferred X Y is Z way of saying it Beautiful sim is delightful, delovely and divine.

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Wishing Well


How appropriate that this photo shoot was done at the Wishing Well at the Looking Glass sim, because I am full of wishes right now. At least half center on getting rid of this stupid cold that is kicking my ass. Until that wish is granted I expect my blogging to be a bit erratic as I have not been well enough to be in-world and shoot photos. Luckily I had these photos waiting for when I felt well enough to blog without whining too much. Anyway, it’s just a cold and it will get better – soon or later, but until then, wish me well.


Have you noticed that I am very fond of the Looking Glass? There are so many little gems there to enjoy. Even if you don’t want to shoot pictures, you should go for the sheer pleasure. By the way, I should take this opportunity to urge you all to tip sim owners when you love their sims. Think of the wonderful sims that give us all so much pleasure to explore and add such beauty and interest to our SL lives. Many of them are non-commercial and really are labors of love and generosity. Contributing a small tip when you visit will help offset the cost – though only in part – but also show the sim owner that you value their work. Usually there’s a tip jar somewhere around the entrance, but if not you can inspect an object to find the owner as well.
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The Ferry


It was a beautiful day – not hot, but with gentle warmth tempered by a soft breeze to freshen the  senses. A perfect day for a ferry ride. Ferries are quite common in the Northwest and range from the small ones that carry  a car or two and some passengers to huge ferries that carry hundreds of cars and buses and semis and the even more hundreds of people. Some ferries cater to tourist excursions but many more are part of people’s everyday commute.


The Ferry from AM Radio is relatively small in size – but it is beautifully made and evokes that sense of romance and adventure that ferries always make me think of.

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First Date/Second Date


Modern Gypsy’s newest collection is full of interesting and avant garde designs. The Dovetta dress is, in my opinion, the most arresting – or the most likely to get you arrested since it doubles as a deadly weapon. In jest, I said it was a First Date dress, but then decided to explore the idea further – styling it for a First Date with an unknown quantity, giving it a hard-edged, remote styling. I added tintable leggings from Fashionably Dead and a belt from M.A.II.K.I in a bright cerise.


Luckily for this imaginary date and me, the prims detach for a more comfortable Second Date. I switched to a red belt from Lelutka and ditched the leggings.

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Dotty is as dotty does

I have mentioned my love of polka dots before. I don’t know why, but they make me smile. No insult intended to squares and triangles and rhombi, but they just don’t press my happy button the way these lovely little round circles do. Polka dots often make me think retro and rockabilly. They make me think of Rizzo and Jive-Talkin’ and dancing the night away.  Certainly this fun little set of separates from A-Bomb would have made Rizzo happy any day of the week.

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Not Gollum

Agnes Finney makes deliciously glam clothing, but I confess that her store name To My Precious makes me think of Gollum. However, is there anything in the world less Gollumish than this gorgeously glam red dress with the thigh-high slit in the pencil skirt and the glorious butterfly sleeves?

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