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Waiting for you to come home

Waiting for you to come home


I hate when the man goes away to work. It leaves the house so empty and quiet.

Fortunately, it gives me the chance to dress up and hide in his man-cave for when he returns.

This lingerie was from a new store (to me at least). I found Carrie’s Lingerie in the websearch and was surprised that I hadn’t come across it before. The store is HUGE. I was greeted by a lovely CSR who was more than happy to answer my questions.

I’m usually wary of new stores because I don’t know what quality the product is going to be. The vendor image was quite clear, so I gave this a chance and I’m glad that I did.

The wild child lingerie is so cute on my avatar. I love the texturing and colour. My only bug bear is the lace, which could have done to be a little more delicate. The 3d effect wasn’t amazing, but it didn’t let the outfit down too badly.

Another slight issue was a lack of layer options. Each layer option is one item of the outfit. This could be limiting if I wanted to wear parts of the outfit and not others.

If you’re looking for a new store to check out I would suggest definitely hitting up Carrie’s. This is a creator who is definitely going to be huge someday and I can’t wait to see more lingerie hitting their range.

— Style Card —

Hair – Ploom (Misha)
Skin – Pink Fuel (Renee)
Hands and Feet – Slink
Eyes – Mayfly (Deep Sky Monet)
Lingerie – Carrie’s Lingerie (Wild Child)

Down the Rabbit Hole


I got so excited when I was asked to submit a weekly lingerie post. I adore lingerie and it gave me the perfect excuse to buy more, and to explore some new stores selling it.

You see, lingerie is not like other clothes. It’s special. Choosing lingerie is about how it makes me feel, rather than how it looks. It’s not like it gets seen by many people!

This piece is from a new store to me, HAS BEEN. Terrie Dreadlow’s designs have a hint of the fifties to them and the demo for the sweetness lingerie instantly transported me to a feeling of coy retro cuteness. The bodysuit is all mesh, and fit me perfectly straight out of the box. Don’t you just love when that happens.

It came with a HUD that offers a huge variety of colour options. You can customise the front panel, sides, bows and the ribbons that run down the length. Every colour and every texture are gorgeously detailed. Plus, it’s only 99L. There’s no excuse not to explore your inner bunny!

The shoes were also from HAS BEEN and included the same HUD with tons of options. These were in the lights pack. There is also a darks pack.

Lingerie doesn’t have to be all lace, frills and barely there. It just has to make me feel special. This set does that and so much more.


Poses: EverGlow with PoseAnywhere
Eye Position: AnyPose Expression HUD (free)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Renee
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Clarus
Lashes: *GA* Mesh Lashes
Mesh Attachments:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet
Mani/Pedi: Own/Slink
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Laura – Crystal Violet Headband: Magika group gift
Clothing: HAS BEEN – Sweetness Lingerie (Colours controlled by hud)
Shoes: HAS BEEN – Betsy Bow Pumps (Colours controlled by hud)
Location: Happy Mood http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HappyMood/88/91/22

There Was A Girl Named Isabella

I Need A Book for My Commute


My mother went to college with a girl named Isabella whose exploits were always retold with relish and laughter, when she and her friends gathered. There was the time Isabella broke up with her fiancee and threw his two carat diamond ring back in his face. There was the time Isabella almost married a real prince. There was the tragedy of the time her true love died in Vietnam, and well she was never the same. Continue reading

With Love, another Lingerie post..

Okay, so here is my 2nd Lingerie look leading up to V-day. (that’s Valentines not Vagina) Vagina could be fun, 12 days of poon – HooHaa Blogger Challenge. Let’s get on this.

Anywho, I wanted something pretty and pink so I went with a set from Narcissus which I love called Delux in Pink. And here are pics:

Continue reading

Blogger Challenge – 12 days of lingerie

I don’t know If I can do all 12 days but I can at least do one!! Take the challenge: Read all about it HERE and get smexy for Valentine’s day. Make love to another or yourself…we don’t care.

Hybie is wearing:

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Corinna] – [ – love motion ] group gift
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kamiko Mesh Hair – Royal
Lingerie: Butterfly Effect Design – Electra Babydoll – hearts/red
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – Sylph – Fudge
Shoes: PurePoisen – Valentine’s GlamPumps
Prop: [LA] Modern Puff – Red

Why Get Dressed?

Slips seem like relics from the ancient past to me. I can’t remember the last time I wore one or owned one in real life. I might have to actually buy one, because strolling around in this slip dress from THE ICING the past few days has made me totally nostalgic for the more delicate types of lingerie, the opposite of the Fredericks Catalog. Continue reading


posted by Gidge

I couldn’t decide what to wear this morning, so decided that I’ve got new undies that haven’t been properly flaunted about by me yet.

There is probably some irony in the fact that I’m addicted to lingerie, but only have you guys to show it to. My husband just isn’t as interested in my pixel lingerie as you might imagine. Continue reading

What To Wear On A Monday?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Mondays. I hate them and all that “lets be serious and get back to the world” sort of business that they invoke.

Plus, they make me pick out something sensible to wear at the office.

This morning though,I’m rather enjoying romping about in my new undies from Pacadi Jasha. Continue reading

Las Pas in Nirvana – from Nymphetamine

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is a lovely area of the Nymphetamine Isle that has been set up as a romantic hideaway……Nirvana. I decided that since I was reshooting the beautiful Las Pas gown and lingerie (I had previously shot nothing but long hair stuck into my boobs) that I’d go give it a whirl and see what there was to see. Continue reading