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Charity Never Looked So Good


The Second Life® community never stands still and it never stands by either. There’s always someone with the energy and courage to step up and do something when something needs to be done. So, now we have more than one charitable event going on at the same time. What to do? Why, shop of course. And why not put together an outfit highlighting items from both events just for fun. That’s what I have done here with items from Vanitas Vesture and Kouse’s Sanctum for Fashion For Life and from Peqe for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.


Now, while you are admiring the front view of this gorgeous jacket and texturing details in the skirt and top, I want to take a moment to remind you that the donations are from the creators. If you are getting clothing at the market value at a charitable event, you are not donating, you are shopping. I just think it’s useful to remind ourselves of that when we get ideas about how events should do this or that differently. The donation is coming from the participants who have the energy, talent and courage to put themselves out there on behalf of charities. The rest of us, including me, can support their donations by buying stuff, but we are getting our money’s worth.

Since CNN pulled one sentence out of the paragraph above, some people who did not read the post have gotten the impression that I think our participation in charity events does not count.  As you can see from what is bolded, that is not true. However,  the key ingredient to conflict is isolating an opinion from context to make it more polarizing, which is what happened, unintentionally as it probably is.  No fundraising event can happen without the synergy between the people who contribute items to sell and those who buy. Much of the shopping is motivated by the desire to support the effort and to raise funds and people often buy more than they planned.  I know I sure do.

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Mesmeric Fingers Softly Touch

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 08 Snowstorm_001

Still, is the bustle in the Brook —
Sealed are the spicy valves —
Mesmeric fingers softly touch
The Eyes of many Elves —

Emily Dickinson, Poem XLIX

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie

Emily Dickinson wrote about elves more than once. She truly saw the world in a grain of sand and was inspired by the natural world and by her fantasies. Emilia Redgrave has been inspired by fantasy lately. Whether you look at her dramatic Trinity skins inspired by vampires or her rugged action hero King skins for men complete with blood and bruises or her latest release for Vanity Universe Skin Fair, Avie, the Fairy skin, these skins are important contributions to the fantastical lives of Second Life residents. Just as Trinity is the quintessential vampiress, Avie perfectly expresses the naturalistic world of elves and fairies with her fresh, glowing healthy skin and that healthy outdoor blush on her cheeks.
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Tupelo Honey

You can take all the tea in China, put in a big brown bag for me. Sail around the all the seven oceans, drop it straight into the deep blue sea. He’s as sweet as Tupelo Honey. He’s as angel of the first degree. He’s as sweet as Tupelo honey. Just like honey from the bee. That just happens to be the song playing on my Itunes as I post this and it also happens to be one of my favorite songs. Although it’s a Van Morrison song, I am listening to my favorite cover of it by Cassandra Wilson and it’s just a meltingly beautiful song. It’s such a romantic song.  Whether it suits this sexy little dress, that’s for you to decide. I like it so well, I think it suits everything.

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Off the hook

Sachi Vixen sent me the sexiest little dress. In fact, it was a twofer as it comes with two options for wearing it – as a mini or as a longer, can-can style skirt.  I decided to wear it as the mini so I could wear these MichaMi stockings that have to have been made for that. If not, those Sachi and Milla have some weird psychic thing going on.

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I love that the fabric in this lovely blouse from Kunglers is called Tropicalia, I assume after the Brazilian music movement that incorporated the sounds and rhythms of Brazil with the psychodelic rock of the United States, most notably the music of Jimi Hendrix.  It’s a small reminder of the power of music – so powerful that the Tropicalistas were actually imprisoned for their music. You can read a little about the movement and list to a couple samples here.  The actual design of the blouse is quite sweet, with short puff sleeves finished with ribbon bows and a gentle ruffle around the collar. I paired its softness with the much more structured highwaist skirt from Maitreya that gives the traditional pencil skirt a new contemporary form.

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When you're hot, you're hot

And this dress is hot!  Now I have no idea why I have never seen Emelia Redgrave at a club because if there’s a designer that knows what a clubbing dress should look like, she’s the one! This is not the first and will not be the last of her amazingly hot and sexy clubbing dresses that I have worn. It’s a very complete outfit, too, including the hosiery and the bangles with perfect details like the lovely sash and cinch.

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Quick Look: Boudoir

Boudoir is a new-to-me store that features the work of a RL designer bringing her work into SL. Vitabela Dubrovna, as she is called in SL,  has some of her RL designs on display for you to see. The SL designs are not identical, but reflect similar design aesthetics. However, while visiting her store I bumped into her and saw that she is going beyond the possibilities of RL clothing by adding a rose petal emitter to a rose-petal festooned gown.  The dress shown here, though, is as comfortable in either world. A lovely pewtery gray dress with a beautifully ruffled skirt, Boutique’s Ruffles dress would be a delight for dancing or parties.

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Generally speaking, most clubbing dresses are in blacks or jewel tones – which made this white dress from Redgrave a real pleasure to find.  I find that I love the Redgrave store for very different reasons than most people who are addicted to the skins. I, on the other hand, love the clothes, shoes and jewelry at Redgrave. Whether it’s the iconic Biker Boots or sexy little clubbing dresses like this one, there’s a authenticity of detail that draws me in. And…Redgrave knows how to make an avatar look sexy.

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