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Thanksgiving Prep Is IN EFFECT!

Oh my GOSH you guys the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here! I’ve got so much to cook and get ready because I hope to have some guests at my new bigger house this year! It’s a lot for one girl to do, but I know I can be ready before tomorrow.

Lacuna released two tone turtlenecks that are perfect for a cute look but casual comfort.  I had made an early run to Casa de Shai for her new polka dotted jeans release and just happened to pick them up in a chocolate color to coordinate – PERFECT!

My cat leaves hair everywhere, I should hire a maid because vacuuming is so tiring. And now I have such a bigger space to vacuum. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five 9.21.13

GidgeFast Five Alright you guys, this is the My Day Got Rained Out and I’m Trying To Decide if I Wanna Log Into SL or WoW edition.
With that, let’s begin.

1. Flowers In My Attic:  One of the definite premier events on the Grid is BACK with a new theme for September and Whimsy Winx has decided to show us that there is something even for you folks wearing bunny heads. So you see? All events aren’t for Barbies. Come on out, Bunny Head Wearers Welcomed! Continue reading

Prepping for Love Donna Flora and Sunday Dinner

I started out my Sunday perfectly, in a beautiful vineyard with a winding country road. Every few meters a cart or tent awaits a creator to come fill it with it’s goodies for the upcoming LOVE DONNA FLORA event.

I drug my heavy boxes and pose stand down the path until I got to my tent and got set up before the morning sun made me too hot.

I did end up stopping in the courtyard at the center of the build at the event, just to enjoy the scenery and have a cool drink.  It was about that time that I realized, I hadn’t SHOPPED ALL DAY!

I decided to rectify this immediately. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five July 4 Early AM Edition

GidgeFast Five My Fast Fives nearly always begin with me ego surfing IheartSL for my own poses being blogged. Yes. I actually do that. I can’t help it, I’m an egomaniac but also, I love to see the creativity and how people use the little poses I make. And because I was ego-surfing I found some good things that it’s a moral imperative that I share with you today.

1. Cold Frog and I – Dido Haas took freebies from an art exhibit, hung items and a new release or two and made art. I love these pics.

2. Summer Breeze: Evion Ember took the time to make a Bandana for Bandana Day at Hair Fair 2013 and blogs about how rewarding the experience was and how she chose the texture for her bandana. It’s lovely. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: Mostly Nepotism Edition 6.25.13

GidgeFast Five

Today I’m highlighting posts from some of my favorite folks on the grid, as well as a something that I spotted that looks kinda cool.

Let’s take a look…

1. It’s a Beautiful Day: Whimsy puts together a great look featuring fun from My Attic and other goodies. It’s an adorable girly look so you know, I’d have loved it if it wasn’t Whimsy anyway.

2.The Sum of Our Parts: You’re always bitching that you never leave your platform and never get to go do anything. Here. This looks cool. GO DO THIS TOMORROW! Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five 6.24.13

GidgeFast Five Hello my pretties. I saw a couple of posts today that made me scratch my head and go huh? But, that’s probably because I don’t much peak outside the world of fashion blogs in SL because fashion in SL IS MY WORLD.

That being said, let’s see what I’ve dug up for you.

1. Avatar Self Portraits In Landscapes: This is inspired by Botgirls post, and begs the question, is this any different from me finding a cool location courtesy of Hybie or Honour and shooting fashion there? Is it?

2. Pouty Avatar Selfies: This is the post that puzzled me, thus I invite discussion. My entire flickr is so called Selfies, because I blog fashion. I don’t take pics of other things, my friends don’t take pics of other things for the most part – so, is this bad? I feel kind of weird being compared to the duck lipped selfy shooters of RL Facebook fame when what I do is actually a bit more complex than that. But maybe in my 2nd existence, it happens to be the same and I don’t know it. Maybe the RL Ducklip girls don’t know they’re a joke either. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: The D Day Edition

GidgeFast Five Well it’s the anniversary of D-Day. It’s not a big fashion event but I thought I’d mention it as it was rather important so give it a tip of the hat at least. And now, some completely not military nor WW2 themed posts that I enjoyed today.

1. Under My Umbrella: A celebration of color and looking back at May’s Collabor88 which is getting ready to close. You need to run fast if you want to get any of the goodies and this post was a great reminder of what is going to be gone soon soon soon soon.

2.Caged Bird: Khitten Kurka brings the curvy avatar to us in a sexy way. She’s one of my favorite curvy bloggers and always presents crisp clear photos and inspires shopping. Her styling in these photos is concise and relevant. Nicely done. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five 5.23.13: Posts You Need To See Before You Die

GidgeFast Five Ok ok I’m being a bit extreme. But I do like what I found this morning. I actually had a theme in mind and as ALWAYS when I have a theme it goes straight to hell and then I don’t get it done but serendipity shines down on me and I find other things.

1. Come on lets GO: I have an intense need to HAVE a summer this summer and this photo looks like everything I want to do. Now if only I could get into that bikini. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: May 18th 2013

GidgeFast Five Happy Saturday my lovelies! I have some wonderful nuggest of fashion, wisdom, fun and whimsy for you today. I hope your Saturday is beautiful and that you never once have to look upon an ugly soul. If you do, I hope you have a fancy coffee to make it all go away.

1. Honour McMillan has a very serious business proposition that will likely take her away from us to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I bet she’ll be buying silk underwear and putting weights in the hems of her skirts like royalty before we know it. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: May 10th Friday Night Is Alright Edition

GidgeFast Five Well it’s Friday Night and if you didn’t already do your FLF shopping shame on you the clock is ticking. But if you’re done, I’ve got some other good things to show you before you head out to dance the night away or whatever it is your digital world holds.


1. Last Chance: Wedding Season is upon us in both worlds. I thought the little purse was a lovely touch. I used to wear wedding dresses to combat role play sims. True story. I wonder why I’ve always struggled with role play? Continue reading