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Wake Up!


When I was growing up, if I woke up tired, grumpy or out of sorts and complained that I didn’t want to get up and go to school, my mom would say, “Well, you better wear a wake up outfit, then, hadn’t you?” A “wake up outfit” was anything with bright, cheery colors or prints, clothes that could make you smile when you look at it. I’m all grown up. My mother is gone, but on a gloomy, grumpy morning, I will still turn to clothing to lift my mood. I put this on as a sort of prophylactic outfit, hoping to stay up for a good portion of my friend Maht’s mahrathon for Heifer International. Of course, my computer did not cooperate, crashing constantly, so all it’s wake up powers went untested.

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I love winter wools


Monica Outlander of MiaMai has produced a gorgeous pantsuit with a gorgeous wool serge. I love its rich texture and jewel tone colors. But guess what, it’s cold outside, so…


I tossed on a snug warm sweater and scarf. The sweater is from Novocaine – a store that has sadly left the grid. The scarf, though, is a new release from Baiastice. It comes in several colors and also includes a additional piece that can cover up your lower face for those bitterly cold days.
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Quick Look:Mimikri – 50L Weekend Madness

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok so I never did 50L Fridays or 60L Sundays or what have you, until this weekend. And now I’m broke so I hope you bastards are happy. 🙂 Kidding.

Let me first say – the only reason I stepped out for this event, 50L Fridays, were these TIGHTS from SH*T Happens. Ana had announced them on Plurk (hello creators – JOIN PLURK, it’s like fashion on Crack) and I knew if nothing else, I’d make time to pick up a set. 

While I was out carousing I got a notice about another event, WEEKEND MADNESS that some creators are participating in and saw Mimikri’s name on the notecard – HELLO!  I cannot believe this jacket and skirt was only L$50!

I added a black tank underneath so as not to be TOOO booberiffic and these gorgeous sleek boots from A-Bomb. If you haven’t been to A-Bomb lately – I have to say she makes some of the most fun stuffs around. Definitely worth a stop!

Style Notes

***Bold R Indicates a review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shapy by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – SSV3 Alto – Cafe Au Lait (Symphony Skin) R
  • Hair – Edwina – Champaine by Novocaine
  • JAcket and Skirt – Mimikri – 50L
  • Tights – SH*T HAPPENS – Sunny Leggings in black
  • Boots – A-Bomb – venus Boots R
  • Earrings – Dark Mouse – Wild Leaves Earrings R

Am I Blue?

This lovely dress from Lelutka is called Cai and it’s an extraordinary mix  of dead sexy revelation with high fashion elegance.  The sheer fabric on the torso is one we see too frequently used to create rather vulgar and pedestrian outfits that litter the grid. Here, though, it’s clear the designer knows that less is more when it comes to exposure. So you have this lovely revelation of the torso that does not stray too low or too high. The erotic is in the mind and involves anticipation and imagination – and so when clothing hints but does not show too much, it’s dead sexy.

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Casual Friday: FROP FROP FROP!

posted by Gidge Uriza

One of the stores that handed out a gift at the VIP Keys hunt (hell I forget the actual name of it) was FROP. I’m still unpacking – as you can tell, because it’s the only hunt I ever completed I’m rather savoring it. Continue reading

You will be assimilated

So I wrote this funny post about being assimilated into the beige excess nutf*ckery of Gidge and Winter and titled it Resistance Is Futile. Funnily enough, Gidge titled her post the same so when I hit publish, my post disappeared. Dang! So starting from scratch, where was I? Yes, I was innocently flirting with this guy who shall remain nameless when I got an IM from Gidge telling me that she and Winter were shopping at fri.day. Then, another im, they are buying all beige. Not tempted. Then the third – not an im, a snap of them in their matching Borg, er Beigewear. Damn, I was assimilated and tp’ed to fri.day where half the grid was shopping in a mad frenzy.

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I Know a Girl Who's Tough But Sweet

posted by Gidge Uriza

She’s So Fine She Can’t Be Beat……

I Want CANDY………!

Likka House DELIVERS the Candy in this whimsical fun dress called Dolothy. I picked up the houndstooth check but it’s available in several different colors to fit your mood and accessory desires. However…..it comes with the best accessory EVAH! Continue reading

Bloggity Blog – An It's Only Fashion PSA

posted by Gidge Uriza

It never fails to amaze me the really talented creators I will hear say things like “I don’t know how to get my things blogged” or “I’m too shy to send review  copies, what if they don’t like me?” And then there are the dramanistas stirring it up with the whining about who gets blogged and how often and how person X NEVER GETS BLOGGED WAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Seriously, when I see this – my thought is “Wow, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, why don’t you help your friend out with some PR work promoting them to bloggers?”

But instead of being an asshat, I decided that what is second nature to me and the bloganista community (I just made that up. That’s my word – Bloganista – you may use it but you gotta pay me 10%) might be an alien adventure to those you not card carrying members of the Fashion Mafia. So I want to share with you how it SHOULD work and what you SHOULD do, if this is important to you – or to your friend who apparently can only have you speak for them. Continue reading

Quick Look:Boutique!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Tenshi Vielle’s Boutique is aptly named- you’ll find vendors all over including on the store. So mind that – the things you want to buy you might be standing on. I’ve chastised her though – I think some of her best things are hidden away upstairs. Silly rabbit.

This Victorian wrap shit and skirt are made with an irreverant irridescent hue and are casual but nicely tailored. Continue reading

Au Revoir Neferia

posted by Gidge Uriza

We’re all showing our appreciation for Neferia Abel today and I thought it’d be fun to show you one of my first pick ups at Ivalde.  When Ivalde was at an old location there was a rockin freebie wall, for the fashionista who adored vintage wear and the sense to shop at a nicer store.

I always tell anyone who asks that it was Cajsa who introduced me to Ivalde and I’ve been enamored ever since.  We’ll miss you Nef but hope to see you again after the summer. Continue reading