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Stranger in Tableau

A few days ago I was such in a shopping mood (it never happens….erm…..sure!) that I created a totally new look which i’m so in love with. And today, me, stranger in Tableau, took some snaps I hope you’ll appreciate.

Stranger in Tableau

Happy is a new to me brand that I casually discovered lately and, well, when I saw this awesome tunic I knew it would have been mine. I chose the cream tone and I’m really Happy (:P) with it!

Do you like my new bag?

What to wear with the tunic? Stretchy skinny jeans would be a good choice, along with leggings like the cute ones from Tee*fy I’m wearing in the pic.
Then I thought I needed a bag that could go well with the outfit and Izumiya came to my mind. And I was right, I found this cool bag which can be worn on shoulder or on hand and that is scripted to change textures in 12 different colors. Oh, I so like it!

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Deth For Free:Gogo's NEWBIE Style Challenge

posted by Gidge Uriza


Deth hasn’t logged in forever, so I made him let me run his avatar around to do Gogo’s Newbie Style Challenge.  And now that I’ve felt the pain that the guys go through, I gotta say, crap, you guys all just oughta run girl AVs and let it go. Guy fashion is too hard.

HOWEVER………I did it. But it was hard. Continue reading

Quick Look:Doux Petite

posted by Gidge Uriza

One of my favorite little boutique finds of late has been been Doux Petite which has a fun assort of casual wear, skins and now more boho style fashions.

This Boho Dress and crocheted stockings are absolutely perfect with Izumiya’s Saba sandals and all are at great prices that won’t break your bank for a different look than you might normally wear. Continue reading

Who Is The Meanest Girl In The Room?



posted by Gidge Uriza

One of the great benefits of living your SL in a swaddle of love and kindness is that no one ever sees you coming when you pull out your real evil self.

But sometimes, it’s fun to dress up your girly girl AV who adorns herself in pink chiffon as much as possible, in something like the COWBOY BOOTS OF  EVIL (god how much do I love Ivey for this name? – I BOUGHT THEM WITHOUT HARDLY LOOKING AT THEM – SOLELY BCSE THE NAME POPPED UP AS I CAMMED AROUND). Continue reading

Long Akward Posemaker Appreciation

posted by Gidge Uriza

Stepping up to meet Achariya’s Challenge are probably mostly photographers,  as photography is truly the symbiant love of the posemaker.  But, as a model who spends a great deal of time STANDING on poses, sorting through them sometimes and other times BEING sorted through on them, I actually have some great love for the art. Continue reading

Freebie Love

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay I don’t have a song.  This one is just a quick but I wanted to show you some great free stuff, both hunt and NON Hunt.

The clothes are from Merlynn’s Closet which is new to me. I TPd over on a notice of a free outfit to check them out and I’m really digging the casual pieces she gave away (pictured). The top was available in multiple layers (YAY! GOOD CREATOR!)  with different options and the pants are a nice rich texture that has good details. So YAY! I’m not sure these are still free but their quality warrants a visit! I’m totally going back. Continue reading

Izumiya Steps It Up A Notch

posted by Gidge Uriza

You know Izumiya. Great bargains on Neko and Urban pieces, some fun Japanese traditional pieces. A few whole SETS of poses for free plus the entire second floor is free or close to it. So, we’re in a agreement, we KNOW Izumiya.

Or  I thought we did. Till I ran over there the other day, just to see what was new. Continue reading

Ski Trip!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Now you may be saying to yourself…..”Ummm, Gidge, you can’t ski in that…..”

And I know this, but this super cute sweater from Izumiya put me in mind of ski trips from my past. Trips with friends, where you’d buy the coolest sweaters you could find for those evenings in the lodge, sipping mulled wine and talking about the powder.

And then here’s my confession. Continue reading

Brrrrrrrr, I Need a Coat!

posted by Gidge Uriza

So I’m sick. In RL. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that there is snot, a sore throat that disallows proper speech and hot burning ears. There is also some coughing.

Consquently, I’m bitter.

When rifling through for something to put on for ambling around the grid the other night, the only thing I wanted was SOMETHING WARM.  I remembered something wonderful that was distributed by Peppermint Blue (and I believe might still be available on the wall at the SilkRoad Location) – this awesome winter outfit from Izumiya. Continue reading

I Wanna Be Barbie, That B!TCH Has Everything!!

posted by Gidge Uriza

When searching for different Halloween options, I picked up several last year that were just casual fun and this Barbie Princess dollarbie is still one of my faves. I picked it up on ONREZ but it’s still available at her in world store.  Continue reading