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Roan Island


This is a shoot I made for Jewelry Fair that I have just not been well enough to post until today. However, though the Fair is over, the wonderful jewelry is still available. The dress is a lovely summery sundress from UmeMode. It definitely wanted to be shot in a field of flowers so I went to Roan Island.


Roan Island is a wonderful place to wander around and explore and there all sorts of flowers. Neither scripts nor rezzing are permitted, so pose huds and stands were not allowed. However, that’s no problem when my AO works so well.
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The Ferry


It was a beautiful day – not hot, but with gentle warmth tempered by a soft breeze to freshen the  senses. A perfect day for a ferry ride. Ferries are quite common in the Northwest and range from the small ones that carry  a car or two and some passengers to huge ferries that carry hundreds of cars and buses and semis and the even more hundreds of people. Some ferries cater to tourist excursions but many more are part of people’s everyday commute.


The Ferry from AM Radio is relatively small in size – but it is beautifully made and evokes that sense of romance and adventure that ferries always make me think of.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Gidge

It would be my best friend Gidge you drags me thoroughly and completely out of my comfort zone with her challenge cause she’s wicked like that. Her exact brief was: “OK then, Now I want to see you do ultramodern.  Sleek, metallic….not inhuman…….SUPERHUMAN……” I suppose I could have gone to a costume shop and bought the Silver Surfer, but that would not honor the spirit of these challenges, so I went to the Fashion Oracle, Sasy Scarborough. It took her less than 15 seconds to suggest this very Trilobite Cat Suit and she even knew the price. Never doubt the power of the Oracle.

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Christmas Cuteness

So you want to dress up for the holidays, but don’t want to look twee? Why not wear clothes that look fine all year round but give them a holiday edge with accessories and makeup. I am using these old earrings from Dark Mouse – ones I have worn time and again because the colors can, in the context of the season, add a holiday air to regular clothes, The more explicit holiday expression comes from the Fleur Allure Winter skin with the green shadow and the bold red lips.

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The, uh, stuff that dreams are made of.

I have always liked that little “uh” when Bogart speaks the famous quote in The Maltese Falcon. Sometimes it’s the flaw that elevates the excellent to the extraordinary. After all, where would Lauren Hutton be without her gap? In the case of the new Tuli Elizabeth skin, I submit that the little mole under the left eye is what moves this skin into the extraordinary.In the past I have read the rave reviews of Tuli skins with bemusement as they never seemed to suit my face. This one, though, is a perfect fit. Continue reading

Insert Title Here (or the Art of Fashion Blogging)


CL: Hello
GU: Hey There: : )
CL: Did you get a chance to go over to Orage yet and check out those other dollarbies?
GU: Just logged in
CL: Me, too.
GU: I will run over there now. Meet you?
CL: Okay, by the way, I sent her a link to the post I did on her stuff. She sent me a dress as a thank you.
GU: And I got a folder from Wig Wam Bam. I guess that AnonySue is right, WE DO GET ALL OUR STUFF FREE!!!
CL: lol! TP Me!

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Tree Hugging

Looking at the clear cut can be pretty sad, but over the hill there’s replanting. In fact, you can help support reforestation by going to the Happy Clam Island Reforestation Project and hugging a tree. Hugging a tree for 20 to 30 minutes while you are going through your day’s notes and message will pay to replant one tree. Or, you can just pay a tree directly. Just go and find a healthy uncut tree and give it a hug. It will thank you. And that should make you happy as a clam. Continue reading