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Merry Christmas Sequoia Nightfire

Sequoia Nightfire_004

Sequoia Nightfire was so busy keeping the Peace One Earth hunt train on the tracks, she had no time for guest styling before Christmas, but what a few days here or there? My parents once got a Christmas card that arrived in July 18 years after it was mailed. It came with a note from the Canadian postal service explaining that it was discovered when a desk was pulled out so they could paint behind it. Which raises the question, which is worse, not painting for 18 years or painting around the desk and not pulling it out for 18 years? Of course, coming so late, that card got so much more attention than if it had come 18 years earlier with the rush of Christmas cards. Somehow I think, though, if Sequoia Nightfire had been the picture on the face of that card, it would have glowed right through the envelope and out from behind the desk so they saw it and pulled it out and mailed in on time.

Sequoia Nightfire_002

I mean look at that red! I thought about making a box and covering it with wrapping paper and having her pose as the bow! This magical red dress is from Sascha Frangilli of SAS – Sascha’s Designs. It is one of those see it to believe it dresses with the flowing panels of semi-sheer fabric that seems alive.
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Merry Christmas, Baccara Rhodes

Baccara Rhodes_006

In Oregon, there are all sorts of buildings, streets and villages named after our pioneers. If we did that in Second Life, surely there would be many towns, sims and maybe even an ocean named after today’s guest stylist. Second Life launched on June 23, 2003 and just a little over a month later on July 10th, Bacarra Rhodes rezzed in-world for the first time.  In the book, Second Life: The Official Guide she is even designated The Grid Queen.

Baccara Rhodes_010

When I saw her gorgeous purple ball gown I wanted to shoot at Wanderstill on the Ode sim which reminds me so much of Monet with its lush abundance of flowers. I also used Elysium Elide’s windlight settings to give me that saturated rich purple sky.

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And It Was All Yellow…..

True Story. Once upon a time my husband was my boyfriend. And he took me camping on the beach at the Gulf of Mexico. As we danced beneath the stars one night, Yellow by Cold Play (then a NEW band) came on the radio, and we swayed and looked into each others eyes. Continue reading

Fashionably Late? Count On It.

Ivalde has released a beautiful vintage dress at the Fashionably Late event that makes me feel like Jackie Kennedy. It’s a quickie today because it’s Sunday and I have the busy but I had to show you this beautiful dress that is sure to make vintage style lovers drool.
Plus, I decided I hate all the system skirt poses I had – so I made a new set for this dress. They’ll be released in a few days!

And no, I won’t wear a skirt shape. Behold my awesome giant butt.

Your Shopping List Today:
Baiastice-Lotus Pumps base
Ivalde for Fashionably LateJoan silver
Adam n Eve Victoria Manicure Melon
Alpha Layer – Gossip Heels
Adam n Eve Tattoo Victoria Lipstick Natural Pink
Adam n Eve Tattoo Victoria Eyeshadow Natural Smokeapple
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
::Exile:: Glory:Vanilla
Baiastice_Lotus Pumps -grey ceruleum
Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~ (new)
Adam n Eve Skins – Victoria Natural – Bare Bewbs
[:T:] Sara eyebrow shaper 2
Eyes – Poetic Colors -classic – broken string (m) bright
Poses – STaTUS – Unreleased

Veni, Vidi, Emi

The shopping this weekend has been absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way. The HAIR FAIR opened, Truth District Opened, the sale days have been awesome plus Disco Deals is still going on.

That’s the bit I’m mostly going to go on about right now.

But before that. Can I just get all lame on you and rave all “love love love” about this dress? Ok I can do better than that. Continue reading

All-Weather Alirium


There’s a reason Alirium is one of the most visited sim in Second Life®. It’s beautiful and at the moment, it’s almost an all-weather sim with its F*R*O*S*T exhibition of beautiful sim-etry. Knowing I would bop from summer to winter in a short second, I dressed for all weather wandering in jeans from Studio Sidhe for Culture Shock layered with a summery top from R.icielli and a jacket from Ivalde.


The walk down the dozens of stairs to the snow fields is lovely, especially on such a bright, sunny day.

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Long Time No See

Happy New Year

I put this outfit from Ivalde on in November and loved it so much I wore it nearly two months. Well, that could be true since it is lovely enough. However, sadly it’s just been that long since I have been strong enough to shoot pictures. I doubt that I am back as in able to blog daily. I was only able to do this by shooting the photos exactly as you see them @ 1204 by 1024 in the glow box I made, so these are raw shots from SL, not even cropped outside SL. I will probably shoot this way for a few weeks until I get stronger. I just cannot sit upright for much more than an hour or so at a time.
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Neferia Abel, of Ivalde fame, has released a massive new collection under her contemporary label, L’Abel. Many other bloggers and I will probably be highlighting everything over the coming few weeks, but I wanted to start my exploration of the new release with Jenay. I chose Jenay as it seems to carry some of the vintage inspiration that animates the Ivalde label with the contemporary forms of L’Abel.

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Salut to Neferia and The Art of the Party Dress

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is a very short list of creators who make what I call “traditional party dresses” of high quality. I have always counted on Ivalde to supply me with a good deal of my inventory in this category, I suppose because it was the 1950s in my last life? Continue reading


Now, this dress is as far in spirit from the white Odelia dress in my last post as the Norwegian song I will share in this post is from Tryggare kan ingen vara. This is a hot, sultry dress promising the the world  just as the old Norwegian song Oleanna promised the emigrants who left for America. It’s the Norwegian version of the Big Rock Candy Mountain – in spirit. And this dress is as rich in promise.

This time the English and Norwegian versions are done together.

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