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I heard from a couple of different places that Honey, not a new designer but in a new shop, was a having a sale the other day and so I popped over to check it out.  After having been on SUCH A cocktail dress binge lately, I’ve been itching to let the more casual, old-school Gidge out of the closet for a bit.  Yesterday it was men’s clothes but today I had to slip back into something a little more girly. The designs at Honey are what I think we’re all coming to expect, lotsa nice details – fun fresh color combinations and realisitic fashions.

Because while I appreciate the Bird Cage dress, I’m not wearing it OUT.

I’m also indulging in a bit of nostalgia here. This hair, from CAKE, was my first nonsystem hair. My friend Queen bought it for me about a year and a half ago, and then I went systemically through their store over the next few months buying every single STYLE of this color. Now just a note about this hair.  You can see the clip there? Ok, as a new player, been playing like oh 20 minutes, I was whisked around SL to upgrade the AV and this hair was one of the purchases. Those hair clips says SCRIPTED. I never, ever, in a year and a half ever bothered to check what that meant. I thought it was referring to the hair being flexi frankly………and then when I got dressed…..I touched them.

THEY ARE COLOR CHANGE! GOOD GOD! NOTE TO DESIGNERS Say COLOR CHANGE in the description. Help out a new player. Because I’d worn them so long, I quit LOOKING at the descriptions a long time ago. I was just messing about when getting dressed when I noticed it and thought “scripted? I wonder what they mean”.

I’m also wearing the PXL Creations Crys with Natural Eyes, Natural Lips and freckles. I thought it a really nice touch to this bohemian style. I continue to marvel at how their “natural” colors still have such nice definition. I would NEVER have chosen them yet I truly love the look and now I’m addicted.

**Now, a FREE AO Note, so many FREE AOs just plain suck it. I mean, they do – they are horrible. You stand wonky, you shift jerkily, they’re bizarrely unnatural in all ways.  I saw the lovelies on Free Style recommend a free AO from Imperial Elegance the other day and since my friend Sloitkut just came to SL for Blogher and decided to STAY, I’ve had my eye out for a reasonable AO for her. I went over to Imperial Elegance and picked up the free one on the wall – called Casual Girl. WOW. I told the designer Sai, last night, when I took Sloitkut over to pick it up, how totally impressed I was with it. If you are in NEED of an AO or would like to add one to your repertoire…..pick this one up. It’s nice.

Click Here to See the rest of the Honey Shoot

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – PXL Crys Natural Eyes and Natural Lips with freckles (again take a look at the soft pretty tummy!)
Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
Hair – CAKE – Mary in Tipped Leaf
Pantsuit – HONEY – Open Front pantsuit (includes top and pants)
Shoes – Bare Rose Check shoes in green (this comes in a set wtih many colors)
Necklace – Emerald and Diamond Dragonfly from RICX
Earrings – Izumiya Daichi
Bracelets – Baiastice Ocelot and Cow (group gift freebie)
Nails – Bare Rose Fskin2 Free Nail in Black
Socks – NANOGUNK – Worn to prevent FLESHMELT! Do you have yours yet?

Statements regarding PXL Creations Content Theft Allegation: From Laqroki From PXL Creations
There has been no DCMA filed.

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