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Policy on Promotional Items:

  • We gladly and gratefully accept promotional items.
  • We may mix and match it with other items, wearing it differently than it was released by the designer.
  • We will not guarantee that we will feature anything unless it is an item we specifically request.
  • We will mention flaws and quibbles we have with an item, even if it is a promotional item.
  • We will not blog things we do not like or that is simply not our style.
  • This blog does not have sponsors and is not seeking sponsors. We are independent bloggers.

Comment Policy

  • Comments are moderated.
  • We do not allow accusations of IP theft or copying or other allegations of wrong-doing against creators in our comments.

Our Commitment to Readers

  • We only blog what we like.
  • We will mention our quibbles and complaints, but this is not a review blog.
  • We are enthusiasts and are not paid to blog. We do have some ads on our site, but those are perks for IOF writers for their stores or events. Each writer gets one ad space.
  • Although we may add filters and overlays and fiddle around in Windlight to make more dramatic photos, we do not and will not retouch photos to fix flaws in the construction of any items featured in our posts.


  • Slurls are listed on one page. For special events and new stores, we may include a slurl in the blog post. However since the posts are permanent and stores move frequently, we recommend checking search rather than clicking an out of date store slurl and landing in someone’s house.


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