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posted by Gidge Uriza

The Piranha pocket dress by Bliensen + Maitai is just one more eclectic offering from this very versatile creator.  First off the dress is practical with fun pockets for your smokes and what not 🙂

Second off…….it’s called PIRANHA! Does anyone remember that terrible terrible movie from the 70s called PIRANHA? OMG that freaking movie damaged me as a child, I couldn’t go nightswimming for YEARS because I was nervous.  Those things eat fast!

Luckily, this fun dress has no hidden dangers and is nothing but cute cute cute. It also comes in a black version and they are sold together.

The hair is from Fishy Strawberry – HUNTRESS. I’m all about the braids these days.

It’s a shorty tonight girls…….I’m sleepy sleepy sleepy……..

I should shoot some jammies! No no………go to sleep!


Style Notes…..

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations Grace in Fair – Coffee R
  • Hair – Fishy Strawberry – Huntress -in blonde
  • Dress – Piranha Pocket dress from BLIENSEN and MAITAI R
  • Shoes – Maitreya – Slinky Stilettos

My Hair Fair Quest

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have a small notebook beside me at the PC where I jot down fashion details and inventory offers and other things I need to remember. It’s higgledy-piggledy but it’s also a system that works for me. People will say clever things like “oh just type in WORN and then copy and paste that into a text document” which would work famously if I didn’t own so many pieces of clothing that for some unknown reason the creator put the words “WORN ON HEAD” or whatever on them.

I could rename them, but why bother. Back to my point. I keep this notebook. And every once in a while something catches my fancy and gets written down as a WANT. Continue reading

I Got Your Wasabi Pills Right Here

posted by Gidge Uriza

Stylized and festive hair is what you can find at Wasabi Pills but no matter the fact that I always saw fashionistas sporting fun looks by them, I never got around to checking them out. I was so excited to see them at the hair fair and delighted that they dropped a few samples on me to check out their work.

Totally cheeky fun. Continue reading

You Had Me At Skittlepop Princess

posted by Gidge Uriza

Helena Stringer of the Stringer Mausoleum clearly knew that while I MIGHT be able to pass up Skittles, that skittles + princess + purple hair would end up being irresistible to me.  It was a must buy for me the second I saw it a preview of it and frankly I had FORGOTTEN it though- until I ran into it at the Hair Fair.

WOOOHOOO…….Purple Hair with Candy in it. Color me delighted. Continue reading

The Hair I Bought Bcse of GOGO!

posted by Gidge Uriza

First of all can I say that I clearly have a symbiotic relationship with House of London because I was getting dressed and wishing I had kind of a washed out retro-styled print tee to wear while out and about…………..

and POOF one was dropped on me as a group gift. Pink Outfitters is UNBELIEVABLY generous in dropping one color of their new releases from time to time. 

Now I really have to pop over there tonight and see WHAT ELSE is new!  Continue reading

Bloggity Blog – An It's Only Fashion PSA

posted by Gidge Uriza

It never fails to amaze me the really talented creators I will hear say things like “I don’t know how to get my things blogged” or “I’m too shy to send review  copies, what if they don’t like me?” And then there are the dramanistas stirring it up with the whining about who gets blogged and how often and how person X NEVER GETS BLOGGED WAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Seriously, when I see this – my thought is “Wow, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, why don’t you help your friend out with some PR work promoting them to bloggers?”

But instead of being an asshat, I decided that what is second nature to me and the bloganista community (I just made that up. That’s my word – Bloganista – you may use it but you gotta pay me 10%) might be an alien adventure to those you not card carrying members of the Fashion Mafia. So I want to share with you how it SHOULD work and what you SHOULD do, if this is important to you – or to your friend who apparently can only have you speak for them. Continue reading

Casual Friday In Latex

posted by Gidge Uriza

The girly pink of this latex ensemble was of course the reason I plucked it up out of my inventory when I spied it. PINK LATEX? Are you kidding me?  Pink latex FTW!  I like the detail and styling even though this particular look might not normally be my style, I thought it had some whimsy to it. Continue reading

Quick Look:Boutique!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Tenshi Vielle’s Boutique is aptly named- you’ll find vendors all over including on the store. So mind that – the things you want to buy you might be standing on. I’ve chastised her though – I think some of her best things are hidden away upstairs. Silly rabbit.

This Victorian wrap shit and skirt are made with an irreverant irridescent hue and are casual but nicely tailored. Continue reading

Fear? No. Clothing? Yes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I stumbled into Fear and Clothing who  was much blogged by Cajsa a while back, while wandering the the Sn@tch Sim. How I never ended up in there yet I can’t say but there I was, squeeing about these CUTE Geisha jeans.

Had to have them. HAD to have them. Continue reading