TOURIST with Dollarbie Hair!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Silo and I are sometimes considered insanely touristy, both in RL and SL. We like kitsch (aske me about the Elvis shrine at Wang Manor) and touristy fun things. We love to go and DO things, no matter what the cheese factor involved is. This is probably demonstrated best by the fact that when we got married in RL we eloped down in Gatlinburg TN – cheesy kitsch capitol of the USA. Who knows what we’ll do if we ever bother to partner in SL.

We have passed this along to our nondigital offspring and what I’ve discovered is that sometimes it’s fun to play SL with your kid beside you (being aware of WHERE you are going – OBVIOUSLY). Because he’s full of “Does your game have THIS? Does your game have THIS?” If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t own my own Indy Car or my own Land Speeder – both of which we like to take out and race when it suits us.

Just when you are bored with whatever it is you’ve been doing too much of in SL – a fresh set of eyes can take you somewhere new……like for instance……A ZOO!

The Escapade Zoo and Safari Park to be exact was my destination in this casual outfit I threw together before heading out. With a little ride on both sides of the Zoo that takes you around to all of the animals, animals to pet (including cobras that STRIKE if you pet them!), dinosaurs to ride and a juggling elephant this was a lovely excursion.

The Rest of this Shoot Can Be Seen Here.

Fashion Details for My Day Out
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Babekate Gloss Pink in blonde by BiancaF
Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
Hair – Frangipanni (FD) Kira in Sangria (this one is a dollarbie!)
Shirt- Beautyberry Retro top
Jeans – Angel Jeans from Coconut Ice
Shoes – Elise2 from Tesla
Bracelets – AC Girl freebie bracelets and beaded bracelet freebie from Peppermint Blue
Earrings- Izumiya – Cat Earrings
Nails- Love Soul – French Purple

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