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And the Fabbie Goes to…

It's Only Fabulous

This post is a Fabbie!

It’s been a while since a blog post left me aching with laughter, but I read a priceless post last night that will become a classic of Second Life blogging. Penned by Harper Ganesvoort from Around the Grid, this post brings us the Genesis of Second Life.  I won’t quote too much, because you really need to follow that link above and read the entire thing for yourself, but just to give you an idea of what you will find, here’s a small sample.

In the beginning Philip created the Grid.  And the Grid was without form, and digitally void; and darkness was upon the face of the screen. And the Code of Philip moved upon the chips of the memory.

Now get thee to Around the Grid posthaste!

A Fabbie for Inara Pey

It's Only Fabulous

And the Fabbie goes to Inara Pey!

I followed a link to a travel story on Inara Pey’s blog and on a whim clicked on her Tutorials and Help tab and found the most amazing collection of tutorials. These are not the more common tutorials on how to take better pictures. These are tutorials on how to have a better experience in Second Life@ and are full of things I did not know.

For example, there’s a tutorial on handy changes you can make in Debug Settings. Have you ever been editing something and slipped and had run around trying to find that prim you sent off into outer space? There’s a  debug setting that lets you limit how far you can move prims while editing – so you can make sure they stay within reach. Conversely, you can increase the length you can move prims so you can move your house from one side of your land to another in one move. How do you do that? I’m not going to tell you because I want you to go to Inara Pey’s blog, Living in a Modern World, Thoughts on Virtual Living and discover not just that but dozens of tips that will make your Second Life experience more pleasant. There’s even a solution for the constant rebaking that just drives me nuts. Can’t wait to try it out.


First of all, let me just say, she had me by quoting OVERBOARD which is one of the funniest fucking movies in this history of the world.


But beyond that, I’m loving her gritty, fresh styling and sense of fun with each photo. Usually, any photos that get too creative I lose focus on the items being worn, to the point that I never look to see what the person has on because I’m looking at composition and things like that.

I think she’s doing a bang up job of creating fun and interesting images but still showcasing what she’s wearing, which is really sort of the point.

Well done! IT’S FABULOUS!

A Dual Fabbie To Two Blogs I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT

Today I want to recognize two grid exploration blogs which have been rocking my world with their beautiful photography and wit.

First up AVATARS IN MOTION by Hybie is a blog I go to a few times a week to sift for fun places to go shoot my girly fashion shoots. And my not so girly fashion shoots.


She does a great job of giving little details for the visitor and showing off the best aspects of the build. Thanks for all you do Hybie!

Next up Is Honour McMillan’s Post Menopausal View

Image by Honour McMillan for her blog.

Honour’s blog is funny yet informative and also highlights some of the most beautiful and interesting places on the grid. I am perpetually fascinated with the places she finds.

Thanks to both of you for showing us places that might otherwise be missed.




Ryn Starfall on REBAKE

Celebrity Trollop’s latest brainchild is REBAKE a newsletter which arrives in your. You can find sales, news, as well as a weekly look from one of the editors.

As someone who is lazy and doesn’t look at the feeds much this is an awesome way to get Fashion News and info delivered right to your email box. Plus I love the sale news and new release info! YAY!

It’s especially great for those times when you can’t get in world and need a pixel fashion fix!

Rebake comes out once a week and is delivered right to your mail box. I love the concept and can’t wait for it every week.

KUDOS to Celebrity Trollop and her team, Ryn Starfall and our own Elusyve Jewell!

And the Fabbie Goes To… Achariya

It's Only Fabulous

This post is a Fabbie!

Achariya Maktoum began blogging just a week after I joined Second Life®, well before I even knew there were fashion blogs. When I began reading the blogs, her posts always stood out for several reasons. The creativity of her styling, her distinct voice and the quality of her writing. Never content to be good, she also actively worked to learn new skills in editing her photos and developed a photographic vision as distinct and powerful as her writing.  Today she posted her last post as she has decided to focus her talent for writing in real life pursuits. While that is sensible in terms of career and in life, I know we will all miss her imaginative vision and her unique voice.


Acha invited friends to show up for a last post picture. It's a testament to her that so many people were thrilled to come, even if not thrilled at the reason.


Achariya’s blog became a favorite of many readers for several reasons. Primarily, she offered something different. She loved alternative fashions and skins and readers could never predict what she might come up with from one day to the next. She also had a lot of common sense. For example, an old complaint about fashion blogging has been that bloggers blog the same things.  As she pointed out in her Same Damn Thing Challenge, that even so, they would look very different. She also was a firm supporter of content designers and a sensible voice in the controversy over how to respond to content theft, doing a series of posts highlighting creators and asking their experience and thoughts on content theft. And of course, Boy Acha has been appearing in this blog for the last few months as she jumped in to help keep this blog active while I was so sick. Because that’s what she’s like, ready to jump in with both feet when she’s needed.  So, the Fabbie for today and for always goes to Achariya. Good luck with your new ventures.

And the Fabbie Goes To…

It's Only Fabulous

This post is a Fabbie!

The The Impotence of Proofreading

O.M.G. It’s dangerous to laugh as hard as I laughed while reading Harper Beresford’s recent blog post “The The Impotence of Proofreading” and be sure to watch the YouTube video at the beginning. For the most side-splitting and plain out fun-filled post I have read in ages, this Fabbie belongs to Harper Beresford of A Passion for Virtual Fashion.

It's a FABBIE FOR:The SLuicide Girls


I’d like to take a moment to just say HUZZAH to the SLuicide Girls and their tits.

This FABBIE is simply because, they made me laugh on a bad day a few days ago and sometimes that’s good enough to earn you a FABBIE.

(image from the SLuicide Girls Blog)

I don’t know who the RL Suicide Girls are, what they are about or why these guys decided to do this blog. And really, I don’t care. I could look it up but meh. Why?

The SLuicide Girls embody everything that’s a FABBIE at this moment in time, they are fabulous and they’re not afraid to get their tits (or anything else) out. Which is kind of a hoot.

So Rock on SLuicide Girls and your tits. You guys are a hoot.


It's a FABBIE For Lifestyles of the BROKE and Notorious!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Did you know that coffee burns when it comes out of your nose? I learned this when I clicked over from plurk to read THIS POST.

Dear God. Will I ever, EVER get tired of this ad campaign? NO.

I was hooked at this bit of genius…..

Photo from Broke and Notorious in SL

“Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using ladies skins and switched to LaVie, he could look like he’s me.” – OMG I AM DYING READING THIS.

This is what exactly my type of fabbie, a post that is full of great pics, that his engaging and funny – and actually keeps my interest till the end. WELL DONE.

Plus, I want those skins now. I don’t know why. I just do.


Congrats to Broke and Notorious in SL for being the recipient of a FABBIE. It’s much deserved and you guys made my day!