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Blowing in the Wind

Oh, I don’t know what’s more exciting in thsi picture, the blowing model hair from ::69:: or the marvelous jewelry from Genesis. However, I have worn this jewelry a few times, so let’s linger on the hair. Can you believe I didn’t even have to tint it? I did have to move two pieces so they didn’t come out of my face funny, but that’s it. I love the wild, chaotic flow of the hair which well mimics the whirlying wildness of the wind.

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Simple Chic

It’s easy to pull together a simple, chic look in just a moment’s notice, just have a handy-dandy all-purpose high-waisted pencil skirt on hand. One in a neutral color will work with just about any blouse you care to throw at it. In this case, I didn’t go neutral as I have more than one of the super wonderful Little Rebel ruched pencil skirts. When I pulled out this pucci-pop top from Le Petite Fleur, I opted for the orange skirt.

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Harmony and Understanding

Harmony and understanding are easy to find when you go to The Refuge and Expansion. I was lucky enough to go their the other day and catch a live concert at the farm house by a marvelous classical guitarist. And lucky enough to be wearing yet another Hair Fair treasure – this time from Damselfly.

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Still loving those shoes…

Okay, so I got more than one pair of those H&U ribbon sandals. Honestly, how often do you find such graceful and useful multi-color shoes?  These are the mixed color sands and have some blue, green, yellow and purple. Yummy.  I decided to wear a freebie today, the May freebie from Baiastice.  I know we only get 25 groups, but do make room for Baiastice – that lovely monthly group gift is well worth the space.

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A really good shoo!

I have several different options to show you with this outfit, but first let me talk about the shoes. From H&U, these lovely ribbon sandals come in several color combinations that perfectly complement so many outfits. I have other sandals, but these are amazingly well-made. For the mix-and-matcher, the wonderfully flexible color combinations in the sandals are a strong complement to many outfits. To be frank, the shoes were the starting point for the outfit.

I started the outfit off with the Novocaine Frayed Top in green and brown (the jungle option) and matched that with leather pants from Adam n Eve. Feeling a bit frisky, I decided to wear the mischievous Lio hair style from 0 Style.  A photo without the jacket is at the end of the post. Continue reading

Peacock Panache

One of my favorite literary puns is from the death scene of Cyrano de Bergerac when he says “I still have my white feather.” The first time I read it, I thought that was strange, but reading it again a few years later in a different translation, it read “I still have my panache,” with a lovely footnote explaining that panache meant both that ineffable sense of wit and style but also meant feather. Oh what we lose in translation!

So Panache is, I think the perfect word to describe this newest couture gown named Paris from AvaGardner Kungler. A special Kungler Couture release, it’s is made of both peacock feathers and sumptuous style and droll wit. Peacock Panache! Continue reading