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Insert Title Here (or the Art of Fashion Blogging)


CL: Hello
GU: Hey There: : )
CL: Did you get a chance to go over to Orage yet and check out those other dollarbies?
GU: Just logged in
CL: Me, too.
GU: I will run over there now. Meet you?
CL: Okay, by the way, I sent her a link to the post I did on her stuff. She sent me a dress as a thank you.
GU: And I got a folder from Wig Wam Bam. I guess that AnonySue is right, WE DO GET ALL OUR STUFF FREE!!!
CL: lol! TP Me!

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Stuff So Nice I Bought It Thrice

posted by Gidge Uriza

In my newbie-hood days, I was addicted to shopping but also had more than a bit of shopping ADD. I couldn’t always remember WHAT I had purchased.  A lot of this I attribute to my former crew who advised me to fill up my inventory with worthless garbage – so that the few GOOD pieces I had, I couldn’t remember their names – or where I got them, etc.

Consequently, I bought some of the same things more than once. 

This hair from Cake, and this dress from the former X3D now Digit Darkes is a great example. Continue reading