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Too Much To Do


I am wearing a lovely dress from Girl Tuesday, a new clothing store. White the white yoke and accompanying black tie remain the same, the main part of the dress comes in several colors. I like the lines and the design sensibility. The tie that came with it is not for me, it lays too straight to look natural, so I opted to wear it without the tie. The dress comes with both a tie and no/tie option though I think the no/tie option is supposed to be worn with the prim tie. No matter, I decided to add a scarf. I also added a jacket because “Baby, it’s cold outside” – far too cold for sleeveless.

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Cozy Chic


Warmth, comfort and coziness can be chic. In fact, the can be non plus ultra chic. Exhibit Number One, the Marigold coat from SLink. A camel hair coat with a shearling collar can easily be shapeless, but this coat has the requisite bulk for warmth while retaining a figure-hugging tailoring that flatters. The belt detail is gorgeous and gives the coat a feminine touch as do the slightly belled sleeves. I am wearing this with a great tweed pencil skirt from Baiastice as vibrant and lovely a maple leaves on a sunny autumn day.


I always recommend the multipak option with SLink products because they are not just fat packs. Rather than buying eight coats, you get a color-change hud that lets you mix and match the combinations of colors. For example, this shearling color could have been dyed all sorts of different colors. I went for the natural look, but it could have been blue. The belt could have been blue, too. Or the buttons. Or they could have been cranberry or one of the many color choices offered. This kind of multi-pak is so much more than just a fat pack.

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Bossy Cat

Oscar is a regular fusspot dictator. I generally make my bed as soon as I get up, but left it unmade yesterday when I got up from napping most of the day with a sore throat and ear ache – a typical cold. I planned to fix some supper, take my meds and then go back to sleep so I left my bed unmade. Within 10 minutes, my cat started howling. I go look and he’s sitting staring at the bed and caterwauling away. I shrugged and left him, but he would not stop. He continued to meow endlessly until I finally gave up and made the bed. This is not the first time. He always howls when the beds not made. Have you ever heard of such a thing? There’s a method to his madness. He likes to crawl under the covers and run around under the blanket – more easily done if the bed is made. Anyway, just one more way Oscar is a bossy cat.
Well, on to what I am wearing. I am DJ’ing this morning and went for comfort and ease with this stylish casual gathered top from tram. I picked it up at Seasons Story. It is sold in two parts, the gathered top and the pleated neckpiece suggesting a blouse to be worn underneath.


The shirt itself comes with two options, a solid black or with the black/brown bicolor.

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Prevention Is Everything


This is full of stuff from Collabor88, including the sign from floorplan. and the dress from League.

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well, when it comes to suicide, many times prevention is everything because there is no cure after death. Today is Suicide Prevention Day around the world and I wanted to take a moment to highlight a group in Second Life® that is doing their best to support people who are contemplating or have attempted suicide by connecting them to real world therapy and resources as well as providing information and support in-world. The Survivors of Suicide is a group of about 400 people who maintain an information center and informal drop-in center with group support meetings on Sundays and Mondays.


As you can see there is a lot of information. I dropped in to look around and there’s a room for folks to hang out, a game room and even a little shop to raise money to support the group’s land fees, etc. There were about a half dozen folks hanging out, all very friendly and welcoming even though I was just stopping by for a peek for the blog. I suppose we all know someone who has committed suicide. It has happened in my family. One brother-in-law shot himself when he became so sick with cancer, emphysema and cirrhosis that he could not live with it any more. Another brother-in-law drowned himself when the umpteenth different drug trial failed to treat his depression and his insurance company informed him that he has reached his lifetime maximum benefit and he would no longer be covered by insurance for anything. That is a cruelty of the health care system that will be eliminated by Obamacare on January 1st. The aftermath of suicide is a horrible trauma for families, one that is not really eased that much by understanding the motives and decisions. So this group is doing important work. You should check them out and be aware of what to look for and how to help family and friends who are in despair.

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In which I share a playlist from Spotify


Monday nights I DJ at The Velvet. I thought you might enjoy listening to my set on Spotify. This was my outfit I wore for DJing – a dress that I wore as a top and some pants.  I love the shapes and the edgy, fashion forward design.



The dress is from La Penderie de Nicole and has a very modern look with its exaggerated batwing shoulders. It is aptly names My Bat Dress. It comes with a tartan belt and a tweed belt and is a preview of Marcopol Oh’s coming fall collection. Happily the inside of the skirt is lined so the skirt looks good from all angles. I would like to have seen a similar lining of just a few inches on the sleeves and the top as there are angles where the alpha shows.

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Think of All the Stories That We Could Have Told


The ottoman is a pose prop from Lost Angel for Pose Fair. The shopping bags come with the ottoman.

One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told
One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

One Day Reckoning by Asaf Avidan


We aren’t old yet; and there’s no reason not to tell our stories now. I think one way we tell our stories is through fashion. What we wear signifies so much about us. as we walk down the street, complete strangers can learn how daring or conventional we are, how flashy or restrained, how forward-looking or how nostalgic. Of course, that is an incomplete picture since we can wear something avant garde one day and something waiflike the next. After all, we contain multitudes.

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I made my way back to Insight Forest, the striking art exhibition space on Visionaria. It’s such a peaceful and serene spot to shoot and turning on the region’s own windlight settings enhances that pacific mood. I wore the new skirt from Baistice. I have shown it before, but this is one of the two-color versions. I added a cream system layer top from LeeZu! The top is very sheer, but it becomes opaque by layering three layers.
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Call Me…With Love


A gorgeous sweater dress like this Argyle Plaid dress from CIA for FAIR can garner a lot of calls and compliments. Hugging the figure, it highlights your curves with a sleek and chic shape. The bold pink in the Argyle makes it young and modern as dose the outsize pattern of the plaid. I added a fun and frisky little clutch from Just Design for the With Love hunt that starts on Friday. Covered in hearts of every shade of pink and red, it’s sure to win your heart if you can find it.

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Nyu York, Nyu York

Oct06 c_003

If you can make it there, you can make it – anywhere. Nyu York, Nyu York!

Actually, I am not at the New York sim and I know that’s a terrible pun, but I could not resist. I have a weakness for bad puns.

What is true, though, is I am wearing Nyu’s fabulous trench coat and set for the winter rains. You can find it at the FaMESHed October showcase. The coat comes in leather and wool and in just about every color you could want. I chose pink because I was thinking it’s been a while since I wore something pink. Besides, it looks so good with the hotness that is…
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A Nip in the Air


I thought there was a nip in the air the other day. Turns out it might have been early flu symptoms, but whatever the reason, feeling chilly in real life got me seeking comfy, cozy in Second Life® so I put on the layers. I began this outfit with this gorgeous mesh jacket from La Penderie de Nicole. La Penderie de Nicole is a new store for me, but the designer Marcopol Oh is someone whose photography I have admired for a long time. The houndstooth print is gorgeous and I love the little trace of red dashing through it.

First time buyers may feel some hesitation because we are accustomed to either a one-item boxed Pay vendor or a Buy vendor with all the items. Seeing the landmark and 1 item in the Buy window, I wondered for a moment whether there was an error in setting up the vendor, but never fear, it’s just that the many size options were all boxed and added with the landmark.

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