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Raid Your Closet: Halloween Edition


I don’t even know if there IS a Halloween edition of this challenge. I could go look, but I’m lazy as you know.

But what I do know is, for Halloween every year I collect silly things that I don’t need and keep them forever. SUCH AS…the boots. G Field had them out two years ago. They might’ve been for cheap or for free. I forget. HAD TO HAVE THEM. Continue reading

Proper Trick Or Treating

Gimme Some Candy

I decided that since it was Halloween and I have a wee little baby that I bought a costume for, that it’d be fun to explore SILENT’s Trick or Treat neighborhood that is set up! It’s a great build with lots of houses.

Each house has a little NPC type thing that comes out and gives you a candy! It’s really cute, and so much details was put into each house. Continue reading

If I Raided My Closet

Raid Your Closet

Part of my problem is, I’ve been deleting a LOT of my older stuff lately trying to get a hold on the madness that is my inventory. But I rifled around and found something things that I slapped together. I am even keeping the rule that you must have owned everything since before the beginning of the month. YAY Me.  Check out the Raid Your Closet Challenge HERE.

The boots are new from Lassitude & Ennui for L’Accesoires (I probably spelled that wrong) but most of the other things are older than newer. (I got them in Sept so shut up) Continue reading

Lost Toys And Forgotten Loves

Scrolling through the Destination Guide looking for some place random to shoot I stumbled upon a new to me build. An interactive display of lost and forgotten toys. Blocks and marbles will crash from the sky. Dolls and wind up toys whirl about on their courses with no one to play with them. Continue reading

More Must Haves from The Platinum Hunt

Sometimes it’s the little details that really melt my butter. Such as the pink texturing on the soles of these shoes from Nardcotix – or the tag sticking up in the back of this awesome dress from Cynful.  Little sweet doses of creators paying attention to fun details really say a lot to me and I love it. Continue reading

Gidge Kitty Brings you MOAR from the Platinum Hunt

I am bringing you several items from the Platinum hunt thus Sunday afternoon and if you haven’t yet started WHAT are you waiting for ? It’s an amazing hunt with some of the most lovely things – you won’t be sorry! Continue reading

Bubblegum Weekends On The Beach

Any excuse to wear fun colored hair!

I picked up this bikini from LEEZU at The Dressing Room – I should wear more LEEZU I love this…I chose not to wear the sarong but it’s included with your purchase.

I am also taking for a stroll the new skin release from Adam N Eve. VICTORIA has a host of makeup, nail, eyebrow options as well options for your lady garden. I’m not showing you that, ya perverts.

But I will give you a few closeups of the face! 🙂

The lipsticks are delicate and like lipstains, very pretty. It’s a very young face – youthful but look at those eyebrows – she is high maintenance.

It also comes with some VERY subtle eyeshadows that are lovely.

I know it’s a skin release wonderland this weekend, but do yourself a favor and try out Adam N Eve’s Victoria. It’s a beautiful look. 🙂

Your Shopping List:
shape – Savior Faire – gidge
Skin – Adam N Eve – Victoria – Natural
Makeups – Adam N Eve Victoria Eyeshadows and Lipsticks
Lashes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Hair – Truth – Cleo – Bubblegum – Streaked
Suit – Leezu – Boho Bikini – Yellow
Rings – Callie Cline – The Rock
Poses – STaTUS

Taken at Zain (239, 152, 21)

AN IOF PSA:Making TPV Your Windlight Bitch

My normal calm demeanor has been shattered recently with some issues I’ve experienced with my graphics. My best friends have had to endure hours of me raging “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY FUCKING GRAPHICS CARD?” and other assorted profanities like that.
You might say, “Goodness, Gidge. Such LANGUAGE! Buy a new machine.”
“Ah, but you see,” I would explain. “I just did. I just shelled out a fortune on a new machine with lots of fancies, to the point that the sales guy at compuCenter about wanked off as I picked out my add ons. So, it’s not the machine.”

If you are not on my plurkline, you have probably missed a few weeks of me also plurking “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WRONG WAAAAAAH” and assorted lovely things like that. So you might not know what exactly was challenging me.

It was this – the moment I ticked the “Basic Shaders” button in graphics settings – in ANY TPV (I use Kirstens and Phoenix) – my avatar would do THIS.

If you can’t quite see why this is a problem take a closer look.

It looks like antialiasing isn’t on.

But it was – at 16X. Continue reading