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Christmas Pressies…. Yay….

Ok… the pressie is me… but that is a double yayay!

When Hucci sent the notice for their two new Christmas “outfits” I couldn’t wait to head over there and find the perfect ones for me…. and to show all of YOU!

Just a lil’ FYI on this one…. the note included with the outfit says the “boob” bows are only for viewers that have multiple attachment points, BUT, I attached one to the spine and one to the chest and it worked just fine. ūüôā

Style notes:

Top picture

Outfit:  Hucci -Wrapped Perfectly, Red

Hair:  Zero Style РMary, Auburn

Bottom two pictures

Outfit:  Hucci РPerfect Present, White

Hair:  Truth РRaquel, Strawberry

Both pictures

Skin:  League РAmber, Sunkiss-Glam

Eyes:  Poetic Colors РClassic, Christmas freebie, bright

Elf Tuesday ‚Äď Surf¬†Couture

Everyone has shopping habits or their own approach to shopping.  Myself, I love finding a deal, and then discovering the other items in the store.  Which is how todays outfit came to be.
So it started with the Boots, a great deal offered at Fifty Linden Friday.. They were definetly last week’s *MUST HAVE*

Posted by Elusyve

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This One Is For Caroline…

posted by Gidge Uriza

Caroline’s Jewelry has the distinction of being the FIRST thing I ever¬†bought because I saw it on the feeds.

It was this necklace. Which has appeared in numerous lingerie posts, because it always inspires a TAKE ME TO BED OR LOSE ME FOREVER sort of attitude in me which I cannot explain. Continue reading

Tupelo Honey

You can take all the tea in China, put in a big brown bag for me. Sail around the all the seven oceans, drop it straight into the deep blue sea. He’s as sweet as Tupelo Honey. He’s as angel of the first degree. He’s as sweet as Tupelo honey. Just like honey from the bee. That just happens to be the song playing on my Itunes as I post this and it also happens to be one of my favorite songs. Although it’s a Van Morrison song, I am listening to my favorite cover of it by Cassandra Wilson and it’s just a meltingly beautiful song. It’s such a romantic song.¬† Whether it suits this sexy little dress, that’s for you to decide. I like it so well, I think it suits everything.

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Off the hook

Sachi Vixen sent me the sexiest little dress. In fact, it was a twofer as it comes with two options for wearing it Рas a mini or as a longer, can-can style skirt.  I decided to wear it as the mini so I could wear these MichaMi stockings that have to have been made for that. If not, those Sachi and Milla have some weird psychic thing going on.

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Not Since Bob Mackie Dressed Cher…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

I recently received review items from Talia Lefavre, from THE GRACEFUL LILY and was immediately put in mind of Bob Mackie’s designs for Cher in the 70s.

The Veronique dress drapes elegantly away from your midsection – luckily there are only perfect tummies on the grid. Continue reading

We Seek the Dark Tower, Thankee Sai

posted by Gidge Uriza

Baiastice’s new release of the CAGE TOP was an on the fly inspiration to do a shoot together and Cajsa knew just the place to go – IMMERSIVA.

To me it was extremely GUNSLINGERISH Рand I kept expecting Roland and company to come rolling through chasing the Man in Black.  Well Рlike UltraModern Gunslinger Рjust as parts of the book are quite anachronistic, the sim reeks of both primitive and ultramodern tones. It is, not to put too fine a point on it Рextraordinary.

With bold and futuristic design this top has two options, one modest – as we’re wearing so you can’t see ALL of our goodies, and one NOT so modest,with your goodies on full display. We’ve also added Baiastice’s LEATHER RIDE pants because if we’re going to chase the Man in Black – we need sensible pants. Continue reading

Can I Borrow Your Shirt?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ashia Tomsen was a sweetie and dropped some review skins on me from one of her latest releases. I’m wearing her JUSTICE – Charity skin and omg, it screams glam sexy to me.¬†

I am rarely a fan of the pouty lip – unless it’s done “just so” and for my taste anyway, Ashia has nailed it. I’ll be wearing some more of these in future posts (which I have shot) but I just felt so glam in this one I had to bring it out first.

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