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We know of Match.Com, Plenty of Fish, eHarmoney, Tinder, and the list goes on, but what do we know of Medieval Dating for the Common Hedgewitch?

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Reflections, Not Resolutions


Chic is the word for this Drift jacket. You can see its lineage in the glorious history of Chanel with its short-cropped waist, it’s beautifully tailored fit and the rich wool fabric. The skirt, from CIA Designs, is beautifully made. With its relatively high waist, it will work well with all sorts of tops and jackets. For the With Love Hunt, it is only 10L and comes in red, brown and blue. It is one of the can’t miss hunt items. Make yourself comfortable and you should find it. 

New Year’s Eve has never been a big holiday in my family. Most of the day was spent cleaning and preparing for New Year’s Day which was much more important. We always had a sparkling clean house and a feast on New Year’s, honoring a folk tradition that what you experience on New Year’s Day is the harbinger of the coming year. Well, one thing you would not want on New Year’s Day is a hangover! We didn’t make resolutions either. This was probably more the influence of my mother more than any tradition. She always said that if you plan to do something, just do it. If it’s important enough to do, it’s too important to delay until the new year. What we did do, though, is look back at the year and appreciate our good fortune.

Those traditions continue. I have been cleaning today. I am having a New Year’s dinner party tomorrow. And I have been looking back at 2012 and appreciating my good fortune.

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A New Way to Deal with Tiled SL Screenshots


La Penderie de Nicole has a great dress for the With Love Hunt. It’s a lovely blue one-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hem that ends in beautiful ruffle. I had a lot of fun shooting the pics for this post now that I can have shadows and projectors and even depth of field again. For some inexplicable reason, though, a few pictures tiled, a glitch that usually happens when you are shooting pictures with scrolling clouds. I loved this shot but it had one square tile, the one that is at the bottom of the right hand side. I could have cropped it out, but instead I decided to go with it and made a layer of semi-transparent tiles of the same size and then colored them and changed the layer blend to difference to get this tiled effect. It was a fun experiment and does not distract much from your enjoyment of the dress, I hope.

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Hunting With Love


Mijn Boutiques cat sweater seems made for me – the caretaker and servant of a black and white cat named Oscar.

My mom liked to say that everything you do should be done with love. It is one reason why I am so fond of the With Love Hunt an annual event that asks all of us to act with love. Creators are asked to create with love – making wonderful items that they will offer at a fraction of their worth. Bloggers are asked to blog with love and integrity, without giving away anything more than approved hints. Hunters are asked to hunt with love, without complaints about the nomimal 10 linden price or hard-to-find items. We may not all succeed, but we are asked to try.

This sweater from Mijn was certainly made with love, love for cats, for whimsy, for fun. And it came to my attention with love when a blog reader, knowing my fondness for Oscar, alerted me to this Oscarish cat. And yes, I am blogging it with love, love for my ridiculously entertaining cat and the fey spirit that creates such a fun sweater for me to enjoy and the diligent event coordinator who uses her skills to build community.

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The Parties of Christmas Are Upon Us


Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice releases a gorgeous collection of stunning holiday gowns every year and this year, with mesh in her masterful hands, the holiday collection is more gorgeous than ever. This Juliet dress is a stunning cocktail dress that can be worn two ways, with the yoke and hem sheer or opaque. Its rich jewel tones and its wrapping paper shimmer are simply perfect.

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The Christmas Sweater


Kauna has Christmas Sweaters for men and women in all the holiday shades and patterns at faMESHed. Everyone needs a Christmas Sweater for holiday pictures, parties and holiday cheer.

Until glaucoma took away her ability to see the details, my mother knit a sweater for me every Christmas. I can remember most of them. My least favorite was a traditional Scandinavian pullover in red, white and blue she made for me when I was in 3rd grade, even then my color palette was subtler than that. My favorite was a longer tunic sweater she knit in a dark sienna with a Scandinavian knit border print from hip to mid thigh with sienna, pumpkin, cream and dark forest green. One of the most stunning was one she knit of variegated yarn that through serendipity happened to have the exact number of stitches so the yarn formed a gorgeous argyle plaid pattern on the front panel. She knit a gorgeous lacy shell one year that was so soft and made with such fine yarn I could squeeze it into a ball in one hand. The last one she made before her vision dimmed permanently was a soft dove gray, seashell pink and white Scandinavian cardigan with silver buttons. I loved my sweaters and their loss is one of the harder losses from our house fire.

That’s why I dislike the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” trope. How can a sweater made with love ever be ugly?

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A Nip in the Air


There’s a nip in the air today that asks for a big, comfy sweater. And you can find just the thing at Zenith for the With Love Hunt. This is a nice, tunic sweater with a beautiful snowflake pattern on the bottom. It also comes with a big woolen scarf to wrap around your neck that is edged with round puffballs of yard. The scarf even has a color change HUD to let you choose among the different colors in the sweater to coordinate. It’s not cold enough, though, to haul out the scarf today.

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Restless Nights

I made a run through a few stops on the WITH LOVE HUNT, and this nightshirt went right to the top of my hunting list, because I’m a sucker for PJs in SL. I must always have PJs. PJs plus slippers? WINNER! Continue reading

Make Mine a Latte


You can get some fabulous wardrobe basics for just 10 L at DCNY for the With Love Hunt. This ruffled top is packaged with four colors – black, grey, taupe and tan – and comes with ruffled cap sleeves that I removed to wear with the jacket from Hucci. The jacket has classic styling and was offered at Collabor88 earlier this year. The skirt is out now at faMESHEd and is from NYU. It comes in several bold colors.

I love coffee and I especially love a super-strong espresso latte. I used to live right across from Grand Central Bakery where they made amazing pastries and fabulous lattes. However, their latte expertise was highly developed for me. Whenever I ordered a latte, their barista would ask, “Dry or wet?” and I would stand there confused by my banal assumption that a latte would by definition be wet. It turns out that there is a difference. A wet latte has more steamed milk than foam while a dry latter has more foam than steamed milk. Funny thing, though, I cannot really taste the difference.

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