A really good shoo!

I have several different options to show you with this outfit, but first let me talk about the shoes. From H&U, these lovely ribbon sandals come in several color combinations that perfectly complement so many outfits. I have other sandals, but these are amazingly well-made. For the mix-and-matcher, the wonderfully flexible color combinations in the sandals are a strong complement to many outfits. To be frank, the shoes were the starting point for the outfit.

I started the outfit off with the Novocaine Frayed Top in green and brown (the jungle option) and matched that with leather pants from Adam n Eve. Feeling a bit frisky, I decided to wear the mischievous Lio hair style from 0 Style.  A photo without the jacket is at the end of the post.

I wanted to try out a couple of jacket options, so first I tossed on a lovely knit shrug-length sweater from Pixel Dolls.  It’s a very short and allows you to see how perfectly its color matches the green in the Novocaine top. This is the perfect option for those summer nights after sundown, when the breeze cools the temperature down just enough to wear something, but not enough to put on a coat.

If the temp drops some more and you’re feeling chilly, as I was late in the evening, then the Vintage Coat from Novocaine can take its star turn. I am so happy to see an open jacket!!! After all, what’s the point of layering if no one can see the layers? Sure, I know buttoning up will keep you warmer, but that’s weather, this is fashion.  I am wearing the zest color of the jacket, though for more contrast, I used the belt from the brown jacket instead of the green one.

Here you can get a better look at the quality textures that reveal the raw edges on the top. Also, you can see the necklace and earrings from Mhajika. Thankfully, you cannot see them emitting oak leaves because I turned particle rendering off.

Meilli2 shape by hatchy mills
Laqroki Amy 05 Portrait Skin
IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Bijou Nails deepDreams Nuts
0 Style Lio Auburn
Nanoogunk Pantleg Stockings
Pixel Dolls Jane Vivi Jacket
Novocain Vintage Coat Zest with Aztex Belt
Novocaine Frayed Top Jungle
Adam n Even Catwalk Leather Pants Tan
H&U Sandale Ribbon Brown
Mhajik Druid Leaf Branches Pendant and Earrings

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