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Insert Title Here (or the Art of Fashion Blogging)


CL: Hello
GU: Hey There: : )
CL: Did you get a chance to go over to Orage yet and check out those other dollarbies?
GU: Just logged in
CL: Me, too.
GU: I will run over there now. Meet you?
CL: Okay, by the way, I sent her a link to the post I did on her stuff. She sent me a dress as a thank you.
GU: And I got a folder from Wig Wam Bam. I guess that AnonySue is right, WE DO GET ALL OUR STUFF FREE!!!
CL: lol! TP Me!

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The Incredible Hotness of Beige

So there I was, innocently reading this book and along comes a line that said “His world had become beige, passionless and flat.” As a beige-lover I was outraged. There’s so many things wrong with that sentence it’s hard to know where to start, but first lets dispense with the idea that beige is flat.

Beige is a color that reflects light – creating depth and texture that darker colors often lose. It also creates softer shadows than white. You can see the depth and richness of beige in this BoA Creations dress. Beige is a rich color and comes in many variations.

Let’s also throw away the idea that beige is passionless – beige projects a sustained passion. Red is often the color most associated with passion – but red is obvious, blatant, it’s the quickie of color passion. Beige is subtle, mysterious, the slow seduction of color passion. Continue reading