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“Fashion is self-consciously sociological and frankly featherbrained. It’s classic and immediate. Nostalgic and now. Worldly and other-worldly. Whatever’s happening you are part of it and at last you can be yourself and look as you choose.” English Vogue, 1968

1968 was the year fashion run amok. Hemlines on the runway ranged from the mini to just above the knee to the midi and the maxi. Women wore midi-coats with mini-skirts and minidresses over bell-bottoms. Velvet jumped off the formal rack and raced over to casuals and was seen everywhere. Thrift store chic meant looking like you dressed in a thrift store, not actually dressing in a thrift store. Fashion became not just a way of looking good, but a signifier of political and generational divides. Tonight you can visit the wild and crazy 1968 at The Velvet from 7 to 9 SLT – as Rock per Annum moves forward one more year.


1967 was the Summer of Love and 1968 was the year of sorrow. Martin Luther King was assassinated. So was Bobby Kennedy. The My Lai Massacre revealed that the American soldiers were not always the “good guys” of the romanticized war movies. The Tet Offensive challenged the military superiority of the American army. Richard Nixon is elected president after derailing the Paris peace talks by contacting the North Vietnamese and promising a better peace treaty with him. But it was not a completely horrible year. Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in a black power salute when getting their medals at the Olympics in Mexico. The Civil Rights Act was signed. Yale University opened admission to women. Intel was founded and President Johnson ordered that all computers purchased by the government support ASCII encoding, paving the way for generations of ASCII artists. Elvis made a comeback and the Beatles released The White Album and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In debuted.
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Fabulous Is Fabulous

There’s three ways of looking at the coincidence that both Gidge and I chose the same clothing from Betty Doyle’s Ingenue to blog at the same time. One is that we’re boring and predictable bloggers. The second is that great minds think alike. The third is that Fabulous Is Fabulous and who can resist fabulous. Ingenue has produced high quality clothing as long as I have been in Second Life. In the beginning, Doyle focused on the niche vintage market, but her work over the last year has moved firmly into contemporary sportswear and separates that are flagrantly feminine. Take the top and skirt in this outfit. They were released about a month apart but there is such a cohesive vision behind the collection that Gidge and I both thought to combine them, though in different colors. That cohesive visions also makes the colors suitable for mixing and matching with just about everything.
Such springlike romanticism made me think of springs and fairies and unicorns and other delights so I headed off to the Unicorn Sanctuary. I know it looks like it’s nothing but sunshine, gentle dew and rainbows, but explore around some and you will see that Enchanted is a very spooky place in parts.
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So Different From Others,The Angels Will Weep

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I put on anything “MENS” I always have the same question.” HOW BIG ARE THEIR AVS BECAUSE GOOD GRIEF THIS PRIM IS BIG!”  I’ve got a few men’s pieces, and this shirt from Armidi – the Gisaci Cambridge shirt is no exception. It’s completely cute in a variety of ways but ya gotta work to get those prim cuffs from being wonky.

I love my Bernie skirt from Poison Candy – this is the one WITHOUT the logo- I haven’t been there in a while though – this used to be a freebie. It’s got great detail with a zipper in the back and lace edging around the bottom. Continue reading

Under the bamboo tree

I made a lovely visit to the Gion sim this weekend and found this gorgeous walkway through a stand of bamboo. I could not resist stopping for some photos. Luckily I was dressed for shooting in this lovely high-waisted ruched skirt from Little Rebel and lovely ruffled top from Frangipani Designs.

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I've been framed

Okay, I resisted the Lost Angel pose frames for over a month, but temptation won out in the long run. No wonder Lost Angel is doing the Seven Deadly Sins, they are the font of temptation.  Seriously, these frames are just plain fun….and they made the photo shoot to show off these great finds at Curious Kitties fun as well. Continue reading

Putting Out Fire With Gasoline: Taking Lingerie Public pt. 5

More than one person has called me a pixel prude so imagine my surprise at myself when I opened a review box sent by a new designer with a new store (Jordanna Magic of Magic Kisses) and found myself most drawn to an extremely racy lingerie set. Totally not my style – but there was something about it that I liked. Continue reading