Sweetie Freebies and 2 Mysteries

posted by Gidge Uriza

It all started with the shirt. I was surfing around onrez looking for something – I dunno what – just SOMETHING when I used the sort filter and looked at the freebies.  This cute little tank just jumped out at me and I knew it’d rock with my candy belt that Miffy made.

I paired it up with earrings from Fresh Baked Goods (also free in store) but the BIGGEST mystery that I can’t solve is the hair.

Where did I get this hair?

I’ve acquired SO much hair recently that now I just sort by deisgner name and run the gauntlet till I find a style that works for my outfit – and then run through my color options. So I’m innocently sorting using DH for Diversity Hair and just did a quick scroll down – finding Lily in my inventory, in like 100 colors or something crazy.

It isn’t in store NOW. And if you ASKED me I’d tell you that I know EVERY SINGLE PIECE of Diversity Hair which I own, all the way back to the discontinued Edgy Wilds style which I love (eyeballs Aleri Darkes praying it comes out in the new textures). There is a texture attached which says it was a L$1 fatpack. How long have I had the swept back sweet little do? Anyone know? (Betting Sasy knows).

The other mystery are the shoes. I guess they may have been a group gift……or a lucky chair prize because I thought I owned only Elise in Red from Tesla but these are Shiny Felicty in Red. Again, I found these sorting by designer. I’m such a dork, I swear.

After I got the hair, earrings and shirt going plus realized I had a freebie thing going on I dug around till I found these pans from Ivalde which I got on her L$1 wall.  Pretty cute for free (or almost free!)

So, who wants some M&Ms?

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Fab Free Skins – Hodge Podge Skins Sfreckled
Hair – Diversity Hair – Lily in blackberry
Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
Shirt – Sweetie Pie in Pink avail on ONREZ from MFG
Pants – from Ivalde L$1 wall
Belt – Zenith Candy Belt freebie from Don’t Ask (yes that’s my store 🙂 )
Shoes – Tesla Shiny Felicity in Red
Nails – Love Soul French Purple
Ring – Platinum Red Ruby Heart ring
Earrings- Fresh Baked Goods Freebie Earrings from Velvet Sim

One thought on “Sweetie Freebies and 2 Mysteries

  1. Aleri Darkes

    Ah my Lily 1L 🙂

    That was released about a year ago, if my memory is correct 🙂 Being the nit picker I am, I discontinued it as I wasnt quite happy with it lol. But many seemed to enjoy it anyway so Im glad to see that 😀 Looks cute on you!

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