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Merry Christmas Vogel!


I think I have the best ex-boyfriends a girl could possibly want. One of my favorites is Vogel, or more officially Schrottvogel Wei. I met him long ago when I was looking for a custom-made surfboard and we have been friends ever since. Since you readers have been shy about volunteering as guest stylist, I invited him to show off his style. I know he has style since I have worn his bikinis a few times on this blog. Now, don’t forget, if you want to do a guest stylist shoot, IM Gidge or me. 


He suggested artilleri for the shoot as a place that would fit his somewhat Rockabilly style. It was pure kismet that there happened to be a car in front that had the same flames as his shirt. That was just too perfect to pass by. Of course, the shirt is made by artilleri’s Antonia Marat, but there aren’t cars parked in fornt with the same print as all her other shirts. Besides, those Chucks have flames, too, and they are from Akeyo.

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Post Apocalyptica – Naeko Part 2

posted by Gidge Uriza

I went away from Neko and into a different RP after I bought these goggles at Naeko. Here you see me smoking my last good French cigarette, and pondering how to maintain my fashionista lifestyle – THE DAY AFTER.

The cigarette and the goggles were fighting for an attachment point, so I had to flip them about a bit until I made them both work. Took a while. I’m teary eyed because I had to blow up all the dramaz-qeenz with my Corrupted Cannon – another gift from Naeko during the hunt. Continue reading

A Post With Multiple Purposes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

First up, today is the SXY2nd Magazine Launch Wingding on the SXY2nd Sim and it’s a full scale Whup-ti-doo! From 12-4pm SLT it’s beach wear so put on your beach clothes or bathing suits and head over to party!

Then from 4-6pm it’s a white party! Put on your white and don’t miss part two of this celebration!

Now, part two of my purpose……


Dysfunction Junction, What's Your Function?

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have a new project I’ve taken on. I recently did the key hunt with Cajsa and Belle. And I have a confession.

It is the first hunt I’ve ever actually DONE it all. I have never had a hunt hang- out night with my girlfriends, never actually just SAT UP until it was done. So afterward, after I had collected my BOOTIE……..I had this thought.

What if? What if I took my time and went back to each and every store that was good enough to particiapte – and check them out? What if I actually patronized them, since I was introduced to many of them via this hunt? Continue reading

Cool Nights in The Mountains

posted by Gidge Uriza

After posting a super fun dress I found at Weatherby’s while shopping with Belle, I got a big old bag of goodies dropped on me from them. HOW sweet! It included this dress, #5 that is just irresistable in it’s color splash joy.

New Zuri Hair from Aleri Darkes

New Zuri Hair from Aleri Darkes

It’s still cool enough at night to warrant a light sweater where I am, and I knew I picked up this bolero length sweater from AXEL for a reason. It’s a great compliment to some of the swirls in the dress. Continue reading

Dollyrock Sweet

posted by Gidge Uriza

You know who I don’t see enough of on the fashion blogs? Dollyrock. I don’t know why. Longetivy? Is it one of those places that we all know is there and assume everyone else knows is there so she doesn’t need any blog love?

I think it’s an uncanny nack she has for making either simple constructions lovely and unique, as well as producing very creative looks that are unique to her shop. I almost always run over weekly to pick something up because, as do many creators, she puts out new items discounted for the first 24 Hours – ROCK! Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend, I'll Be In The Hamptons

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok that’s a lie. Memorial Day weekend I’ll be recovering from surgery. BUT – in my mind I’ll be relaxing with a mimosa on Buffy’s yacht while Chad sales out for a lobster bake on the beach.

Cuz,that’s how real people live -right? Continue reading

Do Not Stare DIRECTLY At This Cleavage

posted by Gidge Uriza

When Claire Harford released her SSV3 skins at Symphony Skins, she made sure to includ a busty vs. normal version with – as you can see – some bombass cleavage built in to the busty version.

It might blind you, look carefully – shading your eyes with a shadow box. Continue reading

Can I Interest The Gentleman In Something?

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Leopard babydoll set from Indigoblue on the Sxy2nd sim was just the ticket for a sexy new lingerie pick up. You can wear it with or without the prim babydoll attachment, but I was feeling a bit girly (duh it’s ME) so I included it for your viewing pleasure.

It’s a pity though, cuz this skin has a rockin femme tummy, as do all of the skins from PXL Creations. Continue reading

I Too, Love Evie's Closet

posted by Gidge Uriza

So I’ve been drooling all week watching Cajsa break out the Evie’s closet love. One of the great things about blogging with a partner is that although we do like alot of the same stores – we often shop at places the other places has never heard of/never goes to. So you get great exposure to other shops that you might have taken months to find.

Such as Evie’s. I’m notorious for hearing of a place and then never making it over.  I know……all you creators love my attention span, right?

This heavy velvet medieval gown is probably better suited for Christmas time and madrigals but I just can’t care. I am completely enamored of it, and was the second it rezzed in her store. This gorgeous gown set me back exactly L$500…….which is NUTS considering it’d be L$1500 at other shops  for such incredible quality and gorgeous, rich design. Continue reading