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We Take the Pressure and We Throw Away


We take the pressure, and we throw away conventionality, belongs to yesterday.
There is a chance that we can make it so far.
We start believin’ now that we can be who we are. Grease is the word.

Grease is the word, is the word that you heard.
It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning.
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion.
Grease is the way we are feeling.

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Not Your Granny's Hairpin Lace


Anessa Stine of DCNY is not your granny and this is not what she might cast off her hairpin lace loom, but she certainly has a granny’s old-fashioned attention to detail. If you want to know what I mean look at the prim flap on this dress. The much maligned and frequently cursed prim flap melds near seamlessly into the pattern of the lace – and continues to do so when you shift positions. Now that’s attention to detail. My one crafty hobby is lace-making and hairpin lace is one of the easiest there is to make. I lost interest in hairpin lace quite early because generally it was used for making scarves and shawls. Now, if I had thought to make something like this, I might have stuck with it longer though I am sure my mother would have vetoed such a racy, lacy dress.

I headed over to the Jersey Shore to shoot because I could imagine the Jerseylicious Olivia in this dress. The Jersey Shore is a fun, bright and cheery shopping sim with amusement rides and a candy store straight out of the last century.

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Whole Lotta Shaking Goin' On

I do love polka dots so could not resist the new dress from A-Bomb, especially with such a flirty skirt as this one. The rhinestone belt buckle kicks it up a notch, making it a delightful fun dance dress.  It’s definitely one to “shake, baby, shake.”

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Gidge blogged the Paper Heart dress the other day and yet I could not resist its stripey goodness, so I thought I would see what other configuration I could wear it in and the very first thing I tried is another recent A-Bomb release, the pants from No More Words. Stripey heaven! A belt, some wine and thou and I was ready to go.

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Fashion Explorer

So I went shopping yesterday, exploring wonderful little shopping sims such as Olni Estates, Japan Canvas, Midnight Requiem and Retrology. Hard-working fashionista on the prowl – that was me, looking for new stores and new outfits all in the service of fashion and fun. And as I hopped along the grid, this outfit came into shape, starting with the skirt and the cotton top, both from MNK.

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Tickled Pink

Am I tickled pink? Well, yes, I am. MDR Photo Studio has moved to its own sim and is open for business at the new location on Amelia Isle, though we are changing the name to MDR. I have been scrambling this weekend to move all the equipment and get set up as much as possible. So…color me tickled…PINK.

And a tickled pink woman needs to wear PINK. Not just pink, but PINK! So…

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I Have Gone Positively Dotty!!!

Conference participants tend to take one of two distinct fashion paths when attending a conference – the hyper-casual or the dressed to kick ass and take names approach. Last night seemed the time for the latter, so I chose a vintage style dress and added a bolero because it was a bit chilly. I truly accentuated the positive in this outfit with the hat, though. Continue reading

Glitter Baby Pink Puff

Glitter Baby Pink Puff

By Cajsa Lilliehook

I was in a shopping mood and knew I would be trekking hither and yon and I surely did, visiting shopping centers from Portland to Milan to Mumbai to Tokyo and ports in between. A girl’s gotta be comfortable when hopping around like that, especially walking from one end of a sim the other to make sure not to miss the little boutiques with great craft, originality and no land description. Paper Couture’s silk wrapped low heels are perfect shoes for long walks, the heels comfortably low, but still fashionably chic.

And then….I could not resist putting on some of my purchases as I went along. First up, I found this lovely purple blouse @ Emery. It comes with black slacks, but then I went to Callie Cline’s store and noticed for the first time that there is an upstairs…and found these pants so aptly named Glitter Baby Pink Puff. They come in several colors, but it looks as though the basic pants are the same and the color differences are in the top and one pants alternate…and that this particular pant i am wearing comes with any color option. 

The find of the day however was this perfectly messy hair from creamshop. Why is it perfect? Well, in RL I fell asleep on wet, uncombed hair (bad, bad, bad) and this is my RL hairstyle today. What synchronicity! I could not resist wearing it.

More photos available on my flickr. Additional info and style notes after the jump.

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Shiny Shiny Tint Tint

Shiny Shiny Magic Pants

by Cajsa Lilliehook

In the mood to explore, i knew I wanted some comfortable pants – sexy comfortable pants, of course. This outfit started around the oh-so-hot Shiny Shiny Magic Pants from Fashionably Dead. Their stretchy shiny lycra is made for sexy comfort. These are pants you can tint in Edit Appearance mode to any shade you desire.  If you go to pick up a pair, use patience scrolling through the vendors. It’s in there.

I paired it with a top from the Zurie pants outfit from Seasons, an outfit i purchased because I loved the top, intending from the beginning to wear the top with other pants. I love the retro sensibility of the top and its bold colors. However, I would rather not wear a belly-baring top while exploring so i added the white sash from the Persona fat back of sashes on the jacket layer and then tinted it in Appearance mode as well. I highly recommend picking up the fat pack – an inexpensive wardrobe enhancer that you will never regret.

This gave the me idea of exploring the tremendous versatility of color-changing purchases in putting this outfit together.  I am a fan of color-changing and do it all the time because most of the red hairstyles in SL just don’t give me that deep red auburn that I want, so i have tinted about 75% of my hairstyles to get the color I want. I also use CW’s manicure that you can tint in Appearance mode for maximum flexibility. 

To stay with the color-changing them, i opted to use CKS’s Bamboomerangs Earrings which can be changed to more than a dozen different options and Fresh-Baked Goods Donut bangles whose base color can be changed with a simple touch. I was tempted to wear color-changing shoes, but really, these Periquita’s suited the outfit too well to wear anything else.

Additional photos of the outfit are on my flickr. Close up photo and style notes after the break. Continue reading