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Now and Then:The Three Gidges

It’s Sophia Harlow’s fault that I’m subjecting you to this……..but at one month shy of my third rezz day I thought I’d show you the three Gidges – at least the three major ones.  The problem is that there probably isn’t a “real Gidge” now as she wears tons of stuffs. But ah…..first year Gidge, 2007 Gidge – she was DOGMATIC about what she wore. I don’t know why………dear God.

Example – far left. This is how I looked at the end of my first day in SL. I didn’t adjust the clip on the pony tail bcse 2007 Gidge didn’t know how to do that either.  Everyone I knew shopped at Cake. Period. Hair and skin from Cake. The dress – I have no idea. There is a cryptic ND in the title of the dress so perhaps it’s from the Nyte and Day everyone talks about but I never went to. (maybe I did go?). I don’t know. My friend bought me shape hair skin and a dress on day one.

She also bought me an Okina. Those of you old enough to know what that is, may guffaw now. And no – I won’t show it to you.

Middle Gidge was still shopping at Cake but had acquired ALL of the green hair so moved on to blonde. And she’d discovered Eloh mods and realized how horrendous that first face was lol. I’m also wearing what I call the DRESS OF POWER from Coconut Ice, because it was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought – and it was also the only thing I ever bought that caused the opposite sex to notice me.  I am never the girl who gets the “want make sex?” offers. I should put that thing back on more often.

And last up, taller, less top-heavy Gidge with a far smaller ass no matter WHAT Winter says.  The shape I’ve finally settle on and that I’ve worn for actually over a year now and I’m wearing Pink Fuel Skin with some Maitreya hair that I believe it is a morale imperative for all fashion bloggers to own.  The dress is Musashi Do.  Want to see a designer get flustered and then frustrated? Give them shit about not sending you something they sent your blog parter……….only to learn that they in fact DID it to you – and it just went into the black hole while I was on bedrest………eeeeeeek. Ummmm- sorry? 🙂

PS – don’t give designers shit unless they are your friends. It makes them crabby. It makes them crabby if they are your friends too, but you can get away with it.

Long Akward Posemaker Appreciation

posted by Gidge Uriza

Stepping up to meet Achariya’s Challenge are probably mostly photographers,  as photography is truly the symbiant love of the posemaker.  But, as a model who spends a great deal of time STANDING on poses, sorting through them sometimes and other times BEING sorted through on them, I actually have some great love for the art. Continue reading

Baby, It's COLD Outside

posted by Gidge Uriza

I seem to be collecting more sweaters this year – perhaps it’s because I’m spending more time wallowing in snowy builds that lend themselves to sensible, warm gear.  Cajsa introduced me to Boom and they were gracious enough to give me a yummy sweater to review.

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You Talkin' To ME?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Don’t let the Angel Jeans Fool You. I’m a mean girl.

Okay, I might only be PARTIALLY mean.  I look kinda tough in that shot though.

Cajsa named the set Jean Genie, which was what I was listening to on my evening commute……and what I was originally going to call MY post but that looking over the should is just so TOUGH GIRL! Continue reading

Sweater Weather Approacheth!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sweaters, ladies. Sweater weather is coming. Yes you heard me. Labor Day is coming in the US which means we’ll be packing up our whites and our linen, and pulling out sweaters, tweeds and wool. Which makes this a perfect time to show off what I recently picked up at Stitchy by Stitch.

I like to check out the occasional art gallery and I’ve heard about Quadrapop Tree forever and never made it over. While I missed the grand opening of their sim, I managed to eek out some exploring time one afternoon recently and this little ensemble made the cut for the day.  Slinking around the mysterious modern landscape and taking in the wonderful pieces, this was a nice casual choice for such a nice open sim. Continue reading

The Dress of Power

posted by Gidge Uriza

I used to shop, with my old crew, and listen to boys endlessly fawning over them. We’d TP into a place to shop or dance, or – back in the day, gamble….and SUDDENLY boys would flock over to them babbling about how pretty they were. And not your usual “I want make sex”. These were boys with the sense to use some smoother verbiage in their quest to “make sex”. Continue reading

Insert Title Here (or the Art of Fashion Blogging)


CL: Hello
GU: Hey There: : )
CL: Did you get a chance to go over to Orage yet and check out those other dollarbies?
GU: Just logged in
CL: Me, too.
GU: I will run over there now. Meet you?
CL: Okay, by the way, I sent her a link to the post I did on her stuff. She sent me a dress as a thank you.
GU: And I got a folder from Wig Wam Bam. I guess that AnonySue is right, WE DO GET ALL OUR STUFF FREE!!!
CL: lol! TP Me!

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TOURIST with Dollarbie Hair!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Silo and I are sometimes considered insanely touristy, both in RL and SL. We like kitsch (aske me about the Elvis shrine at Wang Manor) and touristy fun things. We love to go and DO things, no matter what the cheese factor involved is. This is probably demonstrated best by the fact that when we got married in RL we eloped down in Gatlinburg TN – cheesy kitsch capitol of the USA. Who knows what we’ll do if we ever bother to partner in SL. Continue reading

Bubblegum Lip Smacker – (And the Best Freebie Earrings in SL)

posted by Gidge Uriza

Maht was DJing at the Garage one night and at a loss for what to wear, I pulled together some oldies and newbies for a fun club ensemble. The skin I picked up at the Velvet Heart hunt on Bianca’s new shopping sim just reminded me too much of the days of slathering my lips with bubblegum lip gloss.

The kind that actually tastes good.  Continue reading

Faerie Flesh For Fantasy

posted by Gidge Uriza

Too often costumes aren’t treated as fashion, and that’s a shame because a lot of hard work can go into creating a good one. And you certainly shop for a costume with the same eye for style and beauty that you might use when looking for a formal gown. In short, even in costume, you don’t want to look bad.

Picking out a fairy costume when I was modeling for a retail logo was easy – I flitted over to Butterfly Island where Andromeda Raine keeps some of my favorite fantasy fairy wear. I don’t Role Play in SL but I’m partial to a fun fairy costume as my friends know. Continue reading