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Designer Download — Indyra Seigo


I remember the first time I met Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals and Indy & Co. It was before I was a blogger and I was wandering around outside her store. She was building a new store, if I remember correctly, or landscaping or something. Anyway, she was building and I had not seem someone build before so I lurked about trying to watch and she said hello to me in chat, which totally freaked me out. So we chatted a bit and she offered friendship and I swear, I thought it was the greatest thing. That was back before I learned designers put their pants on one layer at a time just like the rest of us.


Rocking my Indyra Coquette Noir pumps back in paleoprimic era.

I frequented Indyra’s store and bought tons of lingerie, dresses and shoes. I remember particularly loving her lingerie and her Coquette Noir shoes which would be worn out if prims could show wear and tear. They were invisi-prim shoes, remember them? When alphas came along, I was sort of ambivalent. Sure, they’re cool, but what about my Coquette Noir pumps? I have learned to adjust and Indyra continues to produce new shoes with alphas and mesh that are completely up to date, but it still gave me a pang to delete those old beloved shoes.



Indyra Seigo by Indyra Seigo

It’s Only Fashion: What was your first day in Second Life like? What made you stick it out through the learning curve?
India Seigo: My first day in Second Life was planned and mission based. I knew before I made an avie that I’d be running a fashion store because a family member, who was already on SL for about 6 months, suggested that I join for the purpose of making extra income. You see, I was on maternity leave from my creative job in the real world and being a new mom made me want to find a way to work from home. I thought, everybody else seems to be making money in SL, why can’t I?

In 2006, the learning curve wasn’t as rough as it is today. Still, it took several days to get used to the navigation and camera controls. Battling simulator sickness (that is actually the official term given for motion sickness caused by a navigating a 3D environment LOL) was an uphill battle, but one look at that baby girl in her bassinet made me work through it. No way was I going back to a 9 to 5. Continue reading

To the Manor Born

141205_009While I am not to the manor born, nor are most of us, we can look the part in beautiful clothing such as this lovely BodyCon dress from Indyra with fabulous baroque lace over illusion. Moving into the manor from RageWorks at The Arcade doesn’t hurt, either.

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LOTD – September 1 2013

My look today is brought to you by Indyra and features one of the newest releases, Madrigal.

Indrya - Madrigal 1

I have been pleasantly surprised by Indyra lately. In the past, the products were out of my price range, but since her venture into the mesh world of fashion the outfits have been moving more into my idea of a value purchase. When I can purchase ALL colors of an outfit, for what I used to pay for one dress… well, I’ll do that ANYDAY!
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I Wanna Be Barbie, That B!TCH Has Everything!!

posted by Gidge Uriza

When searching for different Halloween options, I picked up several last year that were just casual fun and this Barbie Princess dollarbie is still one of my faves. I picked it up on ONREZ but it’s still available at her in world store.  Continue reading

Through a Glass Darkes-ly

posted by Gidge Uriza

It’s only a LITTLE bit blasphemous. Lighten up.

The Serina evening gown by Digit Darkes is a celebration of classic formal style without apologies. If Jane Austen and Margaret Mitchell got together, wrote a book and spent an endless amount of time describing the heroine’s gown the night she met Lord Poorbuthandsomewick – THIS is the gown they would describe. Continue reading

When a Fashionista Gets Dressed…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

When a fashionista gets dressed
there are two possibilities.
She can slick back her hair with V05 and some give it some shakes for an unkempt style, appropriate for some dinner at The Hurricane Cafe.
She can coif herself elegantly wearing a feminine style that speaks more of a night at Minnie’s .

If she reaches for the tube of V05 that’s that.

But, if she coifs herself elegantly then there are TWO possibilities. Continue reading