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Confessions – Wrath


PXL Creations WRATH

Number four on the Seven Sins series celebrating the coincidentally simultaneous release of PXL Creations Seven Sins Gacha skins and Buckcherry’s Confessions album with songs focusing on each of the Seven Sins. Today’s sin is Wrath – and the skin is deliciously maleficent while the song was appropriately angry and hard-edged. Of course, what made it work so well for wrath aurally made it one I didn’t like as well as the others.

Hey man, do you wanna get a fist so hard?
Do you wanna see who’s in charge?
I’m gonna show you your future
Hey man, you think you’re strong enough to play this game?
It’s gonna burn like acid rain, you’re gonna need some sutures

I got this need to be broken and I’m taking you on this ride
I got this need to broken and I keep all my wrath inside


I chose this dress from Faster Pussycat because its strong lines are accented with white stitching giving it a very disciplined look while the ruff is reminiscent of how animals raise their hackles in anger and also of Queen Elizabeth I who could be wrathful and powerful.

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Fanning the Flames


IrEn’s gorgeous baroque corset outfit for Collabor88 is designed to inspire flames of passion. You can listen to Fanning the Flames with Maria Muldaur here.

“There’s smoke in the distance
And there’s fire up ahead.
There’s trouble brewing.
There’s danger,” he said.

And like an unlucky omen
Every word turned out true
And now we’re fanning the flames of passion
And burning up, ooh burning up.


I was inspired to dig out my old fans from Mika. The in-world Mika store is closed, but you can find it on Marketplace.

The first time I saw you
When I first laid eyes on you.
It was like time bomb starting ticking, Darling.
Detonation overdue.

And when our love’s just smoldering ashes
and when they have those ashes hauled
They’re gonna say we were fanning the flames of passion
and burning up, ooh burning up.

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Butterflies Are Free

Orage Creations - FFL

There’s a quote from Charles Dickens’ Bleak House that came to mind when I put this dress on. “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterflies!” This Crazy Butterflies for Life dress from Orage Creations got me thinking about freedom – and what it means. FDR talked about the Four Freedoms; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear. He wasn’t thinking of cancer when he talking about those freedoms, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to finally come to a time when the word cancer does not evoke fear, but instead a confidence that it can be treated and overcome? To that end and working for that day, the designers for Fashion For Life, such as Orage Creations Elettra Gausman, are supporting the American Cancer Society’s efforts to combat cancer and create a future where cancer is no longer causes fear.

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Whimsy At Fashion For Life


I thought this would be a whimsical final post for my exploration of the Fashion For Life event. It’s the Nyte’N’Day Pop Dress and it’s been a hit and been featured in several posts. However, everyone has a different approach to styling, which is what makes fashion so interesting. With styling, ten people can wear the same thing and still have very different looks. For me, I added some capri length leggings for a more casual look.
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Sunday Morning Coming Down

Belleza Melissa_004

One of the exciting bonuses of Vanity Universe Skin Fair is that you know that Tricky Boucher of Belleza will have a new skin to fall in love with all over again. Tricky is not one of the skinners that rolls out something new every few weeks. Instead, he spends a long time on each skin, perfecting it so that when you go to Belleza, you know you will get one of the finest skins on the grid. And this skin, Melissa, does not disappoint.
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A Little Visit


I fell in love with the print dresses at Nylon Outfitters. This is just one of many offerings – all in lovely prints. However, I wanted some warmth and layering so added the gorgeous shrug from G. Field. The marvelous thing about the G. Field shrugs is that they come with long, medium or short sleeves – perfect for however you wish to wear them.


I shot this outfit at Little, the same place I shot the outfit the other day. It’s such a lovely sim with interesting prim builds such as this clock face.
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Guest Stylist Trixie Bumbo


Trixie Bumbo gamely volunteered for a shoot as guest stylist last weekend. I asked her to share a comment about her outfit and she said, “When Cajsa and Gidge asked me to be a guest stylist I must have tried about a thousand outfit combinations trying to find something that felt right. Finally I gave up and went with my “go to” outfit. I love the soft, warm textures, graceful lines and subtle sexiness of this dress. It goes almost anywhere – it always works.” The dress is called Desiree and is from Kunglers.


Something about it made me think of classical togas – even though it is a collared shirtwaist – so I decided to shoot it at the ruins at The Looking Glass. While exploring after the shoot, I discovered that the ruins are a set piece that you can purchase there on the sim.
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Responsive Designers

Whenever some new designer drops some promotional items on me and asks me to check them out and possibly blog them, I try the clothes on. I am always eager to find something new and to find new stores, so I enjoy getting these sorts of requests. Jag Voom of Page 3 dropped a few dresses on me the other day, including this delightful print sun dress. What really set this encounter apart, though was the response to a small criticism. Like more and more designers, Jag had made the prim pieces no mod. Thanks to differences in viewers, the prim pieces were a darker tint than the system pieces and I wanted to mod the prims so I could change that. I also wanted to move just one prim piece in the ruffle. I took a snapshot and sent it back, saying I would love to blog the dress, but only if the pieces were no mod to accomodate viewer and shape differences. The next time I logged in there was a lovely IM acknowledging the critique and sending a new, modifiable dress. That kind of responsiveness to the people will go far to make Page 3 a success – and make it easier for fashionistas of all shapes and viewers enjoy the clothing.

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This gorgeous body suit from Baiastice is called Macrame. When you say macrame to me, that’s not what comes to mind.  To be honest, every time I see the word macrame, I think of this Portland restaurant called the Daily Planet – a burger and fries kind of restaurant/pub – that has these huge macrame plant and light fixture things hanging from the ceiling all made of jute. Now, imagine how years of fry-cooking grease-laden air will affect that jute rope they are made of and what it may look like if seldom cleaned and you will get an idea why I only went there once and why the word macrame is terribly unappealing. So, with my anti-macrame bias solidly on high alert, I tried on this outfit and was surprised by how lovely it is – and seriously, that’s lovely gorgeous beautiful lace – not macrame. And did I have fun mixing it up with some skirts.

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