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You Should Do the Harvest Hunt


Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like hunting for things. Not in RL or SL. I have labeled folders in both lives, labeled drawers and a place for everything and everything in its place. Even my clothes are hung in the closet in ROYGBIV order so I NEVER HAVE TO HUNT for things. So, when I think something is worth hunting for, you can count on it being worthy. And believe me, the skirt from Bilo for the Harvest Hunt is worth hunting for.


It was so worthy it motivated me to get out of my box and go look for a setting as pretty as it is. I found Water Horse. I think it’s worthy.
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Expectations 8: Mixed Expectations

It’s pretty clear that with the many Sn@tch separates we can put together all sorts of looks, but let’s not forget that we can also take pieces of outfits and mix with separates for an entire new look as well. For example, the cocktail dance dress that Gidge blogged the other day is a perfect resource for mining for ingredients in a new look. Here, I take the bodice and sleeves and mix with a sash from Personal and a skirt from Sn@tch for a new look.

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I Love Rock & Roll

Oh, the Malice dress from Indyra Originals is quite the twofer. You see, you have a choice of wearing the sheer version (shown) or the opaque version. Feeling like a rocker, I went for the sheer version since it’s not too sheer and is discreet in all the right places. Putting it one, I felt like I was ready to join Joan Jett, Krissy Hynde or Patti Smith and rock out. Well, if I could only sing, that is.

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Flirtatious Frills

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has made a delightful array of gorgeous pleated skirts. I love the length, longer than the usual SL mini but short enough to be flirty. In fact, everything about the skirt and the frilly blouses that she also made to mix and match with them is flirtatious…I guess she was putting in the Valentine’s Day spirit in mood and form rather than just in colors.

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Quick Look: Chantkare

Applonia Criss dropped a few items my way a couple weeks ago, including this lovely day dress (Kim) that is elevated from casual to chic with some clever embellishments on the neckline.  It’s a lovely mauve color – a great fall color that’s less ubiquitous in fall designs. In this shot, you can also get a good look at the fabulous new hair from Exile – Juliette. Exile has new textures that are even better than before, so it’s an exciting time for those of us who love Kavar Cleanslate’s innovation and experimentation with style and movement in hair.

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It's in the Details

Rebranding is fairly common in Second Life – Genesis becomes Exodi, Fleur becomes 5th & Oxford and in this case, FreeSoul became DeeTaleZ.  Generally speaking, I think rebranding is going to be more successful if people can remember how to spell your new name.  I guess I am a fuddy duddy in this case. I don’t want to spell Details as DeeTaleZ and I struggle remembering how to spell the store name correctly. But, I don’t have to struggle with the clothing and I have no difficulty remembering the good quality and innovative work.

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Amber Waves of Grain

I dropped into 6Pi the other day –  a beautiful sim for the Fall into Decay store and just fell in love. I saw a picture of it in New World Notes – the SL news blog. There was an article highlight Koin-Up SL Explorers group and there were these stunning photos that made me write it down for exploring when I logged in.

I know the Donna Flora pantsuit is a touch dressy for exploring, but that’s one of the lovely things about SL. I don’t have to worry about cockleburrs and dry-cleaning.

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Feeling So Bright

I had a date last night – a very pleasant first date and now I am feeling bright and happy so here’s an outfit that reflects how bright my mood is.  The skirt I found at Bran Co. and just loved it’s sort of light-hearted I-can-so put green, brown and blue together joie de vivre. The top is from Armidi, part of a shorts outfit and though it was not needed to cover any bare skin gaps, I added the Persona sash just to tie them together.

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