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Tuxedo Junction

There’s an old place where people go
To dance the night away
They all drive or walk for miles
To get jive that southern style
It’s an old jive that makes you want
To dance till break of day

It’s a junction where the town folks meet
At each function in a tux they greet you
Come on down, forget your care
Come on down, you’ll find me there

Well, I am ready to go to Tuxedo Junction now that I have this lavishly styled new tuxedo jacket from Baiastice. Made in a wide range of luscious colors, with exuberant ruched ruffling on the sleeves and collar, this jacket is like a B12 shot for your wardrobe – giving it vigor and energy.  When you combine the extravagant embellisments with the narrow contoured waist, you have a very feminine flattering jacket to dress up anything.

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Stopping by the woods, I decided to rest a bit on the handy dandy Torridwear benchwarmer. I wasn’t dressed for much walking around in the woods, but a short stroll down the lane could be lovely. Actually, I am wearing the glitch pants from the Cachet Cleo dress – one of my favorite dresses of all time.  Ever considerate of the average fashionista’s desire for versatile clothing, Cachet includes leg prims with the dress so the glitch pants can double as fancy, pleated dress pants.

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Two, Two, Two Looks in One

Some designers just pack their folders chockfull – adding clothing options right, left and center. That’s certainly the case with this outfit from CB Designs which comes with two tops, the bllack print and a teal hoodie. It also come with your choice of glitch pants or two different shorts options.

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Pink and Pucci

okay, okay, so the print blouse isn’t a Pucci, it sure makes me think of one. While wandering around Nique the other night, I wandered into Rahz and found a rack of great pop print tops including this one. One thing I cannot resist is a pucci-inspired print. No sooner did I ransack the store for more prints then I tp’ed back to the studio to shoot the luscious treasure.

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Colder Weather

The weather is getting colder and wetter and the rainy season has set in for the winter. But that doesn’t mean doom and gloom, particularly is your wet weather gear is as bright and cheery as this Lima trench coat from Armidi. Yes, it’s last season, but who cares when it suits the weather and lightens your mood?  And talk about mood lifting, the dress underneath will increase your happiness quotient by at least 10 degrees.

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Hello, We're the ARC Police

Weve Got System Skirts - And Were Not Afraid to Use Them

We've Got System Skirts - And We're Not Afraid to Use Them

Posted by Gidge Uriza

In the middle of a shoot the other night Cajsa and I both got the group notice that there was about to be a fashion show – in approximately 30 minutes. We decided we would finish up the shoot and then slip into something LOW ARC yet fashionably acceptable, and roll over to see the show. It was designer we both adore so we were really looking forward to it.

28 minutes and 147 hairstyles reviewed by Cajsa later we were dressed and ready to go. So we pop over to the show.

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Treasures Found

I only spent a few minutes at Sari’s treasure hunt looking for the big balls of yarn, but was thrilled with my find – a lovely Indian print outfit featuring this blouse with a different  skirt. After I put it on, I felt like exploring and went to ShowCase, the new search feature that replaces the Most Popular Places tab. It’s a great feature and has lead me to new places like the balloon ride – which crosses something like 20 sims and takes 30 minutes. Continue reading

We Twinkle Below

House of Heart came through with a hair style that can top any twinkling diva when creating this Tousled confection replete with black ostrich feathers and everything but the cherry on top.Pairing it with this twinkling Twilight dress from the one and only… You know this dress so perfectly epitomizes this designer’s aesthetic that I should not even tell you who she is. You should just know from looking.

Ah! You all guessed Digit Darkes, didn’t you? Go to the head of the class.  Now you really didn’t think I would keep it a secret. Right this moment I am envisioning hundreds of fashionistas wearing this dress and converging together on the wonderful garden at Wanderstill and twinkling and swirling in field after field of flowers. Continue reading