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IFW10 – Queen of the Jungle

When I saw the Safari Dress from ROC (Ranena Olivier Couture) at International Fashion Week, my first thought was “Sheena Queen of the Jungle.” So were my second, third and fourth thoughts. This is one hot steamy jungle dress and I knew I wanted to shoot it someplace fierce. With the great timing of Second Life Serendipity, Hybrid Ansar dropped a notecard with some of her favorite landmarks on me yesterday, so I had to see if there was someplace fierce on the list. Oh, my, there surely was.

So here I am at the fierce, fierce, fierce Scorched Earth where you can find an amazing butte that glistens and an active volcano and some eerie fires and the scorched remains of fallen forests. I suppose with the forest burned, that’s why I could not find any leopards to pose with my leopard skin dress – they do like trees, you know.

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Looking Idiosyncratic

Idiosyncrasy’s Justice is a delightful skin that makes me think of the women you see in a de Lempicka painting. I love the rich, bold lipstick and eyeshadow and the strong look of this skin. It is a fundraiser skin for CARE International at the Skin Expo and a wonderful addition to any inventory.  I wore it with the multi-color jewelry from Bliensen & Maitai because it suited the lovely halter top I picked up at Different Drummer – a new to me store.

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When Uzuri Ruled the World……

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m excited today to bring you someone new to me, UZURI who creates oodles of things from jewelry to clothes to skins. Today I’m wearing some but not all of the wares they were sweet enough to send me so let me tell you all about it! Continue reading

DARE – ing

Last Friday I DJ’ed at Vicious Southside  and decided to dress the rocker chick part to the nth degree. When I got around to shooting the photos, though, I could not resist using the fun and avant garde poses from DARE – which means, of course, that I shot a pile of pictures. My outfit was mostly Mimikri – taking the bodice from a dress and mixing with pants and a jacket.

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Gidge blogged the Paper Heart dress the other day and yet I could not resist its stripey goodness, so I thought I would see what other configuration I could wear it in and the very first thing I tried is another recent A-Bomb release, the pants from No More Words. Stripey heaven! A belt, some wine and thou and I was ready to go.

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posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay, so I’m showing you my entries to the Tres Jolie photo contest.

I’m not a photographer. I don’t even play one on TV.  But I’m sort of getting INTO taking my own pictures and I figured Iota is a friend and she wouldn’t laugh hysterically at me if I entered.

I took about, oh……..200 pictures. NO LIE. About 178 of them are EXACTLY THE SAME.  This is how I know I will NEVER actually BE a photographer. Because there are probably nuances of difference between them which I will NEVER see.  Continue reading

Photo Contests and Me

I have a love hate relationship with photo contests with emphasis on the latter. Mainly I love to look at the winners and hate to do them. More accurately, they make me mad at myself. Because however many times I think I will do one, I procrastinate and forget it and then remember it the day they announce the winners. However, there’s a photo contest ending Friday that did inspire me to enter…this will actually be the third contest I will have ever entered despite a two-year stint as a photographer. As I said, I generally remember the contest the day they announce the winners. The main reason I am inspired to do this contest is that the designer is a good friend of mine with whom I have spent hours giggling. Add to the that the  recognition that the dress is smoking hot.  From Tres Jolie, this is L’Amour Ultra-Mini.

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Designer Showcase Network, Part 2

Here is another example of the Designer Showcase Network at work – reminding me of a store I already know and showing me something new. It’s been a few months since I have visited Elate and this item from the  Designer Showcase Network reminded me that I like Elate’s design sensibility and inventiveness.  Most of what I have seen from there has been brighter than this subtle and reflective skirt and blouse – and seeing this new mood in Elate’s designs is exciting.  This morning’s example was the DSN introducing me to a completely new designer, this afternoon nudging my memory and showing a different side of a known store. I look forward to the growth and expansion of the DSN and don’t forget to check out the web site because it explains the effort made to make sure designers all reach the same number of people and that participants receive new items, from different stores. Continue reading

Ad Parnassum

So after shooting that lovely gown from ROC yesterday, I figured I probably should go look at the store. It’s in a store called The Secret Garden, shared with another designer of lovely women’s gowns. However, my eyes definitely strayed to the ROC side and just about popped out of my head when I saw this dress – called Jazmina.  Although closer inspection reveals it has nothing to do with my favorite painting in the whole world ever, it still made me think of Klee’s Ad Parnassum and I had to have it. Had to! The colors, as you can see are completely similar – and the stones are the same size, but other than that, the similarity is coincidental as I asked the designer Renena Olivier and she had not heard of the painting before. That is a portion of Ad Parnsassum in the back.

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Back To Work? Really?

posted by Gidge Uriza

It’s alleged that it is Monday Morning and that this means I need to put on a suit and act like a grownup and not some pixel fashionista.

Sigh. Who’s plan IS this anway? I didn’t vote for it. I should send out a memo….

Or just stay swaddled in another super fun production by June Dion’s BARE ROSE. Bare Rose as we all know is great for boxing up several versions of their clothes and for often giving you accessories (FTW) and goodies to complete your look.

TOY SHOP GIRL is no exception.

Including the jeans, top, bag and all the other accessories (most of which are just images on the bag or the shirt which is good, you aren’t carting around a lot of prims and they are well done and look good). It also includes the glasses which Cajsa insists make me look like Sarah Palin.

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