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Double Take: A Balancing Act

One of the exciting things about fashion is the way you can shift the entire mood of an outfit just by changing a few accessories. I thought I might add a new “feature” occasionally taking one outfit and giving it two looks. I am starting out with the Brio dress from Chantkare. I love the bold graphic look of this dress with the over-sized collar, bell sleeves and the bold stripes. I first selected accessories that emphasized its clean, modern lines.
I chose some soft and feminine accessories that would change the focus, adding a softer, more romantic element that still honors the modern graphic style of the dress.
I shot the pics at Camomile – home of tram where I bought some of the accessories I use to set the mood for the two looks. There’s a chair outside the store with a fun balancing animation that distracted me until i decided to just go ahead and use it in the shoot – after all, fashion is often a balancing act between moderation and exuberant extravagance.
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London Calling with Guest Stylist Achariya Maktoum

achariya maktoum_004.jpg

With Achariya wearing the Union Jack jacket from Arai, I could not resist going to the The Clash for their iconic song London Calling. We headed to Virtual Decay, an urban sim, for the photoshoot.

London calling to the faraway towns
Now that war is declared-and battle come down
London calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls

achariya maktoum_001.jpg

London calling, now don’t look at us
All that phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust
London calling, see we ain’t got no swing
‘Cept for the ring of that truncheon thing

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Rising Expectations

It’s been a while since I have blogged Phoenix Rising – and that’s unfortunate because the clothes are even more distinctive and fun. Take this lovely outfit called Motive, is there anything more fun that that lovely plaid corset with the wide sash and belt?

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Dressing With Flair

This one is all about the shoes, dahlinks. Gidge hasn’t tooted her horn yet, but she was on Fabulous Fashion TV on Monday night talking about accessories and she was fabulous! Absolutely Fabulous! and I’m not talking Edina. Well, one the accessories she highlighted were the hot new flats from Sasy Scarborough’s Flair. And then, Sasy made special editiion It’s Only Fashion Button Flats in pink and orange and orange and pink. (You can guess who’s pink and who’s orange) and well, on top of that they are Free! at the FFTV studio and  I have waited a few days to give Gidge time to brag about herself and clearly she’s just being humble. So, that’s my excuse for blogging this before her when clearly it’s her story. She will just have to blog the second pair.

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Prelude Suites

I got an IM from Polaire Aeghin the other day asking me to take a look at her collection for Prelude. Little did she know that I had recently visited the store and picked up a few items to blog, but the clothes she dropped on me were so fun and so versatile, they completely jumped the line.

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134, that’s the amount of my Avatar Rendering Cost. I thought about going for 1, but really wanted to see what I could manage and still feel not just dressed, but styled and accessorized. I was aided in reaching my goal by the new skin and hair sets from Monicuzzo Babenco of YourSkin/YourShape. I posted this morning her hair in brown, lamenting the lack of a red hair. In plurk someone mentioned no one ever does blonde…and lo, what should I get but an IM from Monicuzzo alerting me to the fact that she had just finished a blonde skin (one with three shades of blonde hair) and was working on a red one. Yay! I am ready for the Relay For Life Clothing Fair!

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I sell the morning paper, sir.

My father played banjo and sang in a country/bluegrass band and I have lost count of all my cousins and other relatives who are in the music industry – so I come by a head packed with musical references quite honestly even if I inherited my singing voice from the “sings like a sick cat” side of the family. Everytime I see a newsboy cap like this one from Haute Style Company, that old Jimmy Brown the Newsboy song pops into my head… and it just won’t go away.  No matter that the real Jimmy Brown sang “I got no hat upon my head, no shoes upon my feet.”

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Color My World

I know I told you how much I love Iki Ikarus’ use of color the other day before promptly showing you an outfit she made that was all in brown. Well, here’s a truly colorful outfit from her – though just as atypical of her usual color usage as the brown outfit the other day. These are bright colors and she usually uses desaturated colors – but despite that difference, the same understanding that color and pattern need to be freed from old habits come in to play. She understands that sometimes you just want colors to come bursting out all over – rich, saturated, vibrant rainbows of color.

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Buckets of Fun

A few days ago Surarin Piek of SL Fashion Diva was looking so great in this bucket hat I just had to find it. And wow, did it take me forever because it was hiding on the second floor. Did you know there was a second floor at Sprawl and if you did, did you know there are actually some things for sale up there?  Well, there are and one of them is this stunning bucket hat.   Now Surarin styled this very upscale with the lovely Pashmina scarf from Zaara, but I had a shirt from Coco that’s been burning a hole in my closet that I just was dying to wear…and so I popped that on instead.

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