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Grown-Up Gingham

We are so used to seeing gingham in table cloths and children’s clothes we forget how sophisticated it can look. The  designer of Anuenue has no such preconceptions though and boldly produced several pair of ginghams for grownups including this magnificent blue and brown gingham milled-cotton pair of pants.  Adding a baby blue camisole from Celestial Studios and a lovely cashmere jacket from Casa del Shai makes a casual, but fashionable outfit for shopping and girls’ night out.

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Two, Two, Two Looks in One

Some designers just pack their folders chockfull – adding clothing options right, left and center. That’s certainly the case with this outfit from CB Designs which comes with two tops, the bllack print and a teal hoodie. It also come with your choice of glitch pants or two different shorts options.

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Good morning starshine

Continuing with wonderful Hair Fair finds, today I am wearing the Codie hair style from Mirada – a new-to-me store with wonderful hair that needed no tinting. There’s a nip in the air so I put on this cuddly warm Round and Aboutton dress from Veschi. It’s autumnal colors put me in mind of the prairie so I headed out to The Refuge and Prospect and hopped a train. Continue reading

ooh baby, it's a plaid world

It's a plaid world

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Inventory cleaning time!!! It’s a dirty job but we all have to do it. And it’s best we dress for the work at hand, something rugged that can stand up the heavy lifting and flying dustballs of inventory cleaning. Okay, okay, none of that is true, I just wanted to wear my Cordovan Boots. I love their clean but rugged good looks. From Five Minutes After – they are a steal @ 230 Lindens. Much less than your average boot – while as detailed and better fitting than most.

Nothing goes better with great cordovan leather than a nice plaid shirt. Thimbles has some of the best, with prim colors, bright collars and tiny tiny price tags. You can take a peek at more leather lusciousness on my flickr. Additional photo and style notes after the jump.

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