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Think of All the Stories That We Could Have Told


The ottoman is a pose prop from Lost Angel for Pose Fair. The shopping bags come with the ottoman.

One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told
One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

One Day Reckoning by Asaf Avidan


We aren’t old yet; and there’s no reason not to tell our stories now. I think one way we tell our stories is through fashion. What we wear signifies so much about us. as we walk down the street, complete strangers can learn how daring or conventional we are, how flashy or restrained, how forward-looking or how nostalgic. Of course, that is an incomplete picture since we can wear something avant garde one day and something waiflike the next. After all, we contain multitudes.

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Confessions: Greed


I loved the picture from my logout screen and decided to use it instead of the picture I took.

It is serendipitous that the same week that PXL Creations releases a Seven Sins Gacha skin that Buckcherry released their new album Confessions featuring the Seven Sins. The album was released today, though I listened to a preview after reading about it in Rolling Stone earlier this week. The idea of putting the skins and the album songs together was irresistible. So, for the Greed skin from PXL, here’s the Greed song from Buckcherry.

I’ve lost my place in line. I don’t wanna cause trouble,
But I’m here to get mine.
So if you could, would you kindly move?
I’ll only ask you one time, cause I’m gonna get through.
I don’t need anybody else,
I’m not afraid to take a risk, I don’t practice good health.
I don’t pray and I don’t rely
On the lawmakers telling me what’s a crime.


The Greed skin has a bold gold lip and eye shadow.

I don’t care who I have to trample,
I don’t care, cause I want it bad.
The consequences ain’t no fucking matter,
Greed is the answer, everyone’s going mad.
Taking everything you can,
Stealing right from your hand,
When you’re gonna make a stand?
Cause greed will drive you mad.

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I Went to the Garden

ACS Memorial Garden

Cancer touches us all. We all have friends and family who have confronted cancer and struggled to overcome. It is perhaps the reason that there is such universal support for Relay for Life and for Fashion For Life, the shopping fashion expo that raises scads of money for the American Cancer Society and their global programs for research and support in the struggle against cancer. It will be two years in July since I lost my oldest brother to cancer and I went to the ACS memorial garden to spend some time thinking about my brother and cousins who have died because while we are winning battles, the war on cancer is far from over.

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Growing up in the Minnesota Northwoods, Mardi Gras was not something I paid much attention to. I had Catholic friends and knew all about Ash Wednesday, but there were never any big parties the night before. Can you imagine Marge and Norm Gunderson or Jerry Lundegaard dancing down the street while jazz was played by live musicians? Can you imagine live musicians marching down any street in Minnesota playing something other then Minnesota, Hail to Thee or the localized version of On Wisconsin? It’s not that there were no Catholics in the Northwoods, but they were Scandinavian Catholics which made them act more like Lutherans anyway. It worked the same with the Baptists like my family. You may see lots of movies with those Baptist gospel choirs and dancing in the pews, but not the Scandinavian Baptists. They might sing gospel songs, but with all the fervor of Sheldon Cooper. So, any interest in Mardi Gras would have been anthropological – an examination of the rites and practices of some foreign country, like Louisiana.

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Fashion For Life's Last Day


Today is the final day of Fashion For Life. You simply must go. Even if you haven’t a linden in your pocket, go to the see the amazing sims built for the event. If you have lindens, go and support cancer research and find yourself something lovely. Several stores have discounted prices to increase the sales and raise even more money for the American Cancer Society – so it’s a win-win for you. Speaking of something lovely, This is the Maylee dress from LaLei. It comes in several colors, I happened to choose the white one because I wanted to shoot a white dress at this dance floor on Emerald Green.

Walking up to the dance floor, I stopped to admire the waterfall. Emerald Green is sim full of little jewel-like settings such as this. It’s artfully built with high mountains and deep valleys to form small settings that are a photographer’s dream.
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Autumn Has Arrived


Most of the fall collections have been released and we fashion-lovers are awash in riches – and in the rich autumn colors of red, orange and gold. Autumn also brings the return of soft and cozy fabrics like cashmere and velvet, rich in texture and soft to the touch. In Chantkare’s fall collection one of the best examples of that wonderful fall combination of texture and color is the Leopsi dress – made with rich autumn colors and devore velvet.
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IFW10 – The Best Laid Plans

International Fashion Week is winding to a close and so are my highlights of some of the lovely designs on offer there. I could not miss out on showing you the lovely Milena dress, an IFW10 exclusive, since MiaMai is a long-time favorite of mine and always produces luxurious and beautiful gowns. The Milena is no different. It has a back that dips into the Tropic of Capricorn and a bodice that dips to the Tropic of Cancer and entire continents of ruffles.  Now as to those best-laid plans….

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I adore the name of the bracelets and earrings I am wearing today. They are by Ganked for the Accessory Fair and are called Goldblooded – and with that blood orange color, they seriously could not have a more clever name if a panel of naming experts had been convened. I am wearing them with a dress from Sysy Chapman that I picked up at her RFL Clothing Fair booth that really shows off the jewelry. The necklace from the set was not such a good fit with this bodice, so I opted for one from Couture Tres Chapeau that almost becomes an extension of the dress.

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Flirtatious Frills

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has made a delightful array of gorgeous pleated skirts. I love the length, longer than the usual SL mini but short enough to be flirty. In fact, everything about the skirt and the frilly blouses that she also made to mix and match with them is flirtatious…I guess she was putting in the Valentine’s Day spirit in mood and form rather than just in colors.

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