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Analu's Armoire Diversity Take Two

I have been thinking about getting a nice men’s suit for some time, so Analu’s Armoire Diversity Challenge helped me take the plunge. I love the look – it makes me think of Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and Lauren Bacall – the many glorious actresses who showed how great women can look. They may have dressed like men, but it only accentuated their femininity.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Candy

This outfit could be a twofer, since it also meets the requirements for Analu’s Armoire Diversity Challenge, but it was actually directed by Candy Lemmon of Red-Headed Step-Child. The brief:

I want to see you in menswear! There’s nothing sexier than a girl in a man’s shirt and tie. Try Armidi or Blaze for the button-down, and don’t forget a great hat.

So, wandering in the men’s department, I have to give the men’s clothiers a big fat F for FAIL.  Guys, you have to be more demanding.  It’s absolutely unacceptable that you only get one or two layers and that your shirt layer does not include underpants to allow you to tuck your shirt or wear low rise pants. I went to many men’s stores and was just dismayed…so the shirt is from Muism, for women, but a man’s button down style.

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Two, Two, Two Looks in One

Some designers just pack their folders chockfull – adding clothing options right, left and center. That’s certainly the case with this outfit from CB Designs which comes with two tops, the bllack print and a teal hoodie. It also come with your choice of glitch pants or two different shorts options.

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The Dress I Did Not Wear

It’s not the dress’ fault. I planned to wear it – the short version – so it wasn’t too dressy. We had our one year anniversary party and I thought I would dress up a bit with this LaPointe black silk. But real life intervened and I got home with minutes to spare before logging in and had to lay out the dance balls and dance floor and all that…so I told the folder to add items and rushed about. And nothing rezzed. When one prim piece rezzed after the party started it was a peach skirt. hmmmm. Must have done the wrong folder.I put worn in the search term and hmmm, I am not wearing this, but I draw a blank trying to remember the outfit I am wearing.

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I <3 Zaara

I love scarves, love them with a passion. My closet is full of scarves from Russian wedding ring scarves to color Indian scarves, from vibrant Pucci silks to glorious handpainted Japanese scarves and everything in between. In fact, I love scarves so much I invented a way to store them so they are easily accessible and don’t get a scrunchy and wrinkled. I hung two curtain rods in my closet, one six inches above the other, and put about 100 round shower curtain rings on each one. I hang my scarves by looping them through the rings so they are all visible, neat and easy to select when I dress in the morning. So, when Zaara released her wonderful Pashmina scarves I was in heaven. Continue reading

Happily Imprudent

So I tried out the new  Imprudence viewer tonight and have these photos to show for it – a mashup of Nyte and Day and Digit Darkes. I have to say it was a pleasant experience over all and I am looking forward to being able to change permissions on an entire box of textures at once. However, it has no sound which it should blare in neon so folks don’t spend and hour or more trying to figure out why their sound is not working as I did.

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What's in a name

To be frank, the store Tree and Ocean of Second Life or TOSL is not the most happily named store in Second Life. The first I can never remember correctly and generally conflate into Tree of Second Life which means I cannot find it in search. The acronym always makes me think of those dread Terms of Service agreements.  Luckily loving the store’s name is not a requirement for shopping there because there’s no doubt I love everything else about TOSL from the delightfully quirky store construction to the imaginative and colorful clothing and accessories including the shoes and top in this outfit.

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You Make Everything Groovy

The new Billow Boots from Maitreya are a delightful re-imagined reachback to the 80’s. They seemed to demand something playful and impudent to match their mood. While shooting, I kept hearing that old, old song Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. You make everything…groovy.

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Hat Tip

Sometimes the best way to find the cutest top or whathaveyou is seeing it on someone else. While stopping at Hotel Dare to pick up a costume I will be posting later today I ran into fellow fashionista and It’s Only Fashion reader, Annabella Donner, who was wearing an adorable top. Really adorable, so I asked her where she got it and she sent me to Samara Designs and now I am wearing it in this photo.

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