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They say you lose 45% of body heat through your head…

This Hymn dress from MiaMai makes me smile. At first blush, with that cozy, cuddly hood it looks all warm and snuggly. Then of course, there’s the plunge, or more accurately the two plunges as the back plunges even lower than the front. Let’s just say Mrs. Claus might feel a brisk wind or two. This dress certainly seems designed on the principle of conserving body heat by covering up the head.  Now, of course, it’s a myth that you lose more heat through your head than any other part of your body. When those tests were done in the 50’s they were comparing  lost heat with people wearing winter survival gear but no hats – not people unclothed everywhere.  Oops!

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Beneath the tree that died

I shot these photos at AM Radio’s Beneath the Tree That Died art installation that had been at the University of KY sim but is now at Welsh Lakes up in the sky between his other builds.  The rail fence is not part of the build. It’s Luth Brodie’s pose rail. I really wanted to shoot this outfit with a western feeling, bringing the Naive boho skirt back to its country roots.  I must say I spent more time on getting the Style Notes together on this post than is healthy – and ended up having a mini shopping spree while doing so as the shirt and vest in the picture because a mystery requiring all my best detecting skills.

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Stopping by the woods, I decided to rest a bit on the handy dandy Torridwear benchwarmer. I wasn’t dressed for much walking around in the woods, but a short stroll down the lane could be lovely. Actually, I am wearing the glitch pants from the Cachet Cleo dress – one of my favorite dresses of all time.  Ever considerate of the average fashionista’s desire for versatile clothing, Cachet includes leg prims with the dress so the glitch pants can double as fancy, pleated dress pants.

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