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Hiatus No More



My computer is back! New logic board, new graphics card and new adapter. I actually got it back last night, but then my wireless router when fuzzy and I could not access the internet. It almost made me feel as though the internet was picking on me. However, it’s fixed now and I am back. It felt good to log in and put on a new outfit and freshen up a bit. I even did a manicure, using the new polish applicators from FLAIR.



I picked up this jacket and skirt last month while I was hunting around Mimikri for a good jacket to wear with something. This jacket did not work for what I needed at the moment, but I loved it and the skirt that coordinates with it. Actually, I pulled the jacket from one color set and the skirt from another just to have a little extra contrast, but for folks who like their jackets and skirts to match, they can buy them in matching colors, too.  I love the prints and the casual elegance of the styling. Continue reading

A new kind of mambo


I DJ’ed last night at The Velvet and put together a fun set full of mambos, tangos and sambas with a bit of jive and other things to spice it up. I wanted to wear something samba-worthy and remembered this top I picked up at The Dressing Room Blue. It was from Mimikri, so I dived into my Mimikri folder to find a silver skirt to wear with it – and adapting this skirt from the Adele dress worked perfectly.

I love putting together different sets that explore a mood or a beat and have a lot of fun spinning my songs on Monday nights. My long-time friend and former partner is the manager at The Velvet and has really brought a new spirit to the place. If you have not been there in awhile, you might want to try it again. The old “We are cooler than you,” vibe is long gone and there’s a friendly spirit that focuses on the sheer pleasure of sharing music. There’s a blog that you should check out with posts from many of the DJ’s updating readers on upcoming sets.

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The Company You Keep


Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres.
Tell me the company you keep and I will tell you who you are.

I don’t often shop the sales events and discount rooms because often the items are no longer available by the time I get around to blogging them, but I had to go to The Dressing Room this time around and support the creators and The Dressing Room organizer Linka Demina in their decision to keep good company.

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In bianco

Hello lovelies 🙂

It’s evening in this part of the world and I hope your Sunday was (or is going) better than mine ‘cause I had to work, arrrggghhh! I’ve been soooo busy that all I was looking for was a relaxing bath (done!) and some lazy time doing absolutely nothing (done!). At some point I’ve got bored of doing nothing and decided to log on SL, so here I am 😀

I want to show you my look of the last days because I simply love it.
Everything started when I bought the GiO skin from Glam Affair at The Dressing Room: it’s so beautiful that I had to choose carefully the clothes and hair to go with it and I must admit it didn’t take much time because I knew what I wanted and the result was just perfect.
Well, at least it was (is!) to me, according to my taste and the kind of look I had in mind.
You might find it awful.
I still love you, don’t worry.
Even though you stink.

Hahaha 😛

Pictures time!

In bianco


More pics and credits after the cut 🙂
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I hear clothes talking and i've got a very interesting tool!

During one of my shopping tours a few days ago, i stopped at Mimikri to check out the latest releases and i found out an awesome top/skirt set that has been released in July and i could not believe i missed it! Anyway, better late than never.
So here I am, showing you that outfit and some lovely skin, hair and jewelry that have been released recently. Also, I’ll recommend a cool tool that comes in handy when we take snaps.

Feelin' cool ;)

The Dusk set from Mimikri: a leather bustier and a sequin mini-skirt which seem screaming “we know you want us, come on…come get us, wear us, take us around, show us to the world, love us forever..”.
Well, at least that’s what they said to me. Not that I can hear clothes talk…..
Anyway, look at them, leather and sequin textures that seem real, lovely designs that are made to make your avie feel (and look) hot/cool/trendy at the same time. Try wearing them with the Baiastice Emi boots I blogged some weeks ago and you’ll be just perfect.
Both pieces are available in different colours and can be sold separately. Oh, Mimikri never disappoints me.

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Wanna get great stuff at veeeery affordable prices???

Hope you’re doing good 🙂

A few interesting things caught my attention lately at The Dressing Room Blue and at My Second Wardrobe (a new monthly event), where you can find such beautiful stuff at super affordable prices. So I thought I would share……yay! 😀



The awesome glittery dress is from Mimikri (is there one Mimikri item i DON’T like???) and you can find it at TDRB. Really lovely cut and textures!
And have a look at those fantastic earrings from Zaara: they’re available at MSW where Zaara is partecipating as guest designer.

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Old Italy


Corduroy usually looks so casual, but Mimikri has sure dressed up corduroy with this Fritzi skirt. The wonderful floral embroidery is gorgeous and the coordinating top dresses it up as well by adding full sleeves and a bow.

Looking for a place to shoot, I stumbled upon Old Italy where I had a blast wandering the narrow streets.
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Fun With Leggings

When Gidge and I were shopping at Baiastice the other night I saw a pair of leggings that had Gidge’s name all over them. These Punes pants were an avant garde set of black leggings with an open inset edged with studs.  I could not resist picking up a pair for myself, too, though I had a different idea in mind – combining them with other leggings to create a color inset. The floral leggings from Vo Polou’s brand new store MV struck me as perfect.

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One of the wonderful trends in pose-making is the expansive development of photoboxes – photo sets in a box complete with poses and props. Pose Fair introduced me to a new pose store called Juxtapose (such  a clever name) that made this great urban graffiti photobox. For this set, I decided to wear the Easter special from Mimikri – the ultra-modern Tussi dress in red.

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Tuxedo Junction

There’s an old place where people go
To dance the night away
They all drive or walk for miles
To get jive that southern style
It’s an old jive that makes you want
To dance till break of day

It’s a junction where the town folks meet
At each function in a tux they greet you
Come on down, forget your care
Come on down, you’ll find me there

Well, I am ready to go to Tuxedo Junction now that I have this lavishly styled new tuxedo jacket from Baiastice. Made in a wide range of luscious colors, with exuberant ruched ruffling on the sleeves and collar, this jacket is like a B12 shot for your wardrobe – giving it vigor and energy.  When you combine the extravagant embellisments with the narrow contoured waist, you have a very feminine flattering jacket to dress up anything.

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