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Trubble In Mind

Trubble in Mind.
I’m blue,
but I won’t be blue always.
Sun is gonna shine in my backdoor someday.

Did I ever pretend to be above bad puns and shallow word play? No, I did not. Of course, the entire song is a heartbreakingly sad song expressing deep despair – nothing like the light, romantic emotions generated by the lovely, colorful Pandora dress from Tracy Rubble of Trubble, the store name that always sends my brain running down Tin Pun Alley.

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Hello, We're the ARC Police

Weve Got System Skirts - And Were Not Afraid to Use Them

We've Got System Skirts - And We're Not Afraid to Use Them

Posted by Gidge Uriza

In the middle of a shoot the other night Cajsa and I both got the group notice that there was about to be a fashion show – in approximately 30 minutes. We decided we would finish up the shoot and then slip into something LOW ARC yet fashionably acceptable, and roll over to see the show. It was designer we both adore so we were really looking forward to it.

28 minutes and 147 hairstyles reviewed by Cajsa later we were dressed and ready to go. So we pop over to the show.

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Make Mine a Malacca

The blog title was just a moment of mourning for the passing of the finest gin ever made when Bombay discontinued their wonderful Bombay Malacca a few years ago, leaving me to settle for the fine, but decidedly not as fine Bombay Sapphire. Ever since I saw The Bar, I have been wanting to shoot there, but also wanted to wear a dress that suited its rich palette. The Arioso dress from Blaze that I got at the RFL Fashion Expo a few weeks ago was what I was looking for.

The Arioso dress is amazingly flexible with multiple layer options. The textures are rich enough to deserve shooting here at the wonderful bar. Among the layer options, you get two color accents and two skirt lengths. She makes it in six jewel-tone colors. Scrumptious. I want them all. There are more photos at Flickr.

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ooh baby, it's a plaid world

It's a plaid world

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Inventory cleaning time!!! It’s a dirty job but we all have to do it. And it’s best we dress for the work at hand, something rugged that can stand up the heavy lifting and flying dustballs of inventory cleaning. Okay, okay, none of that is true, I just wanted to wear my Cordovan Boots. I love their clean but rugged good looks. From Five Minutes After – they are a steal @ 230 Lindens. Much less than your average boot – while as detailed and better fitting than most.

Nothing goes better with great cordovan leather than a nice plaid shirt. Thimbles has some of the best, with prim colors, bright collars and tiny tiny price tags. You can take a peek at more leather lusciousness on my flickr. Additional photo and style notes after the jump.

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