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Culture Shock – Indie Rose


Culture Shock opened yesterday and enjoyed my short visit to the venue to explore what the most creative minds in SL have come up with to help raise funds for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. Indie Rose created some lovely dresses including this yellow floral.
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A Touch of Color


One of my favorite finds at Modavia Fashion Week was this lovely mostly black and white floral print dress from Anubis Style. I say mostly black and white because the special touch that really enchanted me were the occasional colored flowers sprinkled in among the black and white ones.
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When Uzuri Ruled the World……

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m excited today to bring you someone new to me, UZURI who creates oodles of things from jewelry to clothes to skins. Today I’m wearing some but not all of the wares they were sweet enough to send me so let me tell you all about it! Continue reading

Dress Me In Latin

When SarahtheRed Aubierre asked if any bloggers were interested in promotional copies of her newest dress I jumped at the chance. With typical laziness I have had her shop on my list but have not made it there yet. I expected to like it because the name was so smart – Vanitas Vesture. The use of the latin made me think she would be making clothes with classic shapes – and sure enough that’s exactly what this dress is.

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My longest SL Love Affairs

There are a few designers whom I discovered early in my second life – the ones whose clothing made me search for ways to earn some lindens because camping would never suffice to feed my addiction to their wares. One of those was Neferia Abel of Ivalde.  I joined the group and looked forward eagerly to the weekly announcements. I never missed the group freebies and checked on the welfare of the lucky chair with dedication. This outfit was one of my earliest purchases. I was about a week old when I got it and you know what, all this time later and I still love it.

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Party Pansies

Last night Gidge’s husband Silo threw a Rez Day bash to celebrate his second year in Second Life. The theme was Guilty Pleasures – those songs you love but are too embarassed to admit it.  Well-named I have to say. Requests were sent in ahead and were played anonymously – and very few owned up to their requests. Still, it was the most interesting playlist I have every DJ’ed and we had a lot of fun. I wore this lovely dress – as spring-like and feminine as they come.

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Blackberries: One of Ana's Advertisers

I don’t want to get all dramalicious on you, but I really despise rude cowards who make anonymous personal attacks such as the one posted (and removed) on SL Secrets today. Instead of ranting, though, I thought I might show my support for Analu and her blog and her decision to accept advertising to help offsest the cost by following a SLURL to one of her advertisers and buying something. And look at the gorgeous, frothy and feminine gown I ended up with. So much better than a rant!!!

So…I was think that if you appreciate Analu’s blog and value the fashion news and updates as well as the frequent tips and tricks she shares about windlight, prim editing and the like, you might want to give her advertising a click, too, and even drop the advertisers a line and say you saw them on her blog. If you’re a blogger, perhaps you might want to blog something you find at one of their stores.

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Purple for St. Urho

I am wearing another belated St. Urho’s Day outfit. If you’re confused, see the previous post that explains this now-international holiday that began as a prank – a tall tale invented holiday that has spread across America and back to Finland. This dress is from Ivalde – called Enya. Hmmmm…should I have gotten it in green and worn it yesterday? Well, for the drinking, dancing and purple libations of St. Urho’s it’s perfect – especially for the dancing. The skirt is magnificent.

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Spring Into Pink

posted by Gidge Uriza

Clio’s Blooming Flower dress was the perfect choice to pair with the real flower jewelry from Petal Meg. Spring is just popping up all around me, and I couldn’t resist the tulip inspired skirt that ornaments this festive dress.

And of course I had to add the hair from Elle F because you know. I gotta do that brand new thing! 🙂  It’s cute. Continue reading