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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Photo Shoot

posted by Gidge Uriza

It started out simply enough. I’m in World. Cajsa is in World. One of us says “Wanna shoot?” – the other agrees and she TPs me into her photo studio at MDR. I land in the sphere with her and wander out to the platform to wait for the world to rezz a bit.

Ya with me?

I spin around and take a look at the cute outfit she’s got on, sweet little casual skirt look with a denim jacket.  Myself I was wearing my “PRIM WHORE” shirt from Weirdiculous that I got for my first REZZ day and had my title all planned out “KNOW THYSELF”……..

I had planned to be witty. Continue reading

Mixing it up a bit

Sometimes outfits are so complete and create such a statement that we don’t think about trying to mix them up with other clothes. They have such a strong look as they are. This sometimes makes frugal shoppers think twice about buying since they believe they will only get one look, but I would submit that if the clothing makes a strong statement as a whole, its parts will be strong as well and can be mashed up with other outfits. For example, here we have Mina from Blue Blood where I have switched out the skirt for a more casual look.

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Bare Rose Challenge #5

More Bare Rose love – and this time because it’s a great place for coats and jackets – lovely open jackets that might be part of some complicated costume but on its own makes a lovely open jacket to wear over some seperates.This jacket is from Cross Bones Girl and the rest of the outfit is not something I am likely to wear, but I could see what a gem this jacket was right away.

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Treasures Found

I only spent a few minutes at Sari’s treasure hunt looking for the big balls of yarn, but was thrilled with my find – a lovely Indian print outfit featuring this blouse with a different  skirt. After I put it on, I felt like exploring and went to ShowCase, the new search feature that replaces the Most Popular Places tab. It’s a great feature and has lead me to new places like the balloon ride – which crosses something like 20 sims and takes 30 minutes. Continue reading

Omnibus: New Skin Preview, Tattoos, Studio Tour Pt IV

For those of you concerned that blog reading is bloating your inventory, take a deep breath and relax. Today’s post is about two items you can’t buy today. The first is a preview of a new skin from Hart Larsson to be released in September. The skin is a collaboration with Nardya Rousselot, the tattoo artist, and has lovely, feminine tattoos.

To reflect and highlight the tattoo design, I chose a swimsuit that harmonizes perfectly, but is not on sale. It was a group gift from bijou, the Sail Away swimsuit. This was a gift to group members in July – and a good reason to belong to the bijou group. Yes, I know, it’s not subscribe-o-matic and uses up one of those precious slots, but bijou has amazingly generous freebies and group gifts and deserves its 4% of your group space. Continue reading

Pt. 3, Taking Lingerie Public

Besides corsets, teddies and camisoles bodysuits and unies can also be worn as a blouse, particularly if they are as luscious as this one from Style Starts Here. Although tantalizingly sheer, there are strategically placed embellishments and a discreet lining that makes this a perfectly presentable though flirtatious top to pair with low-cut jeans or a skirt. I thought it important that the skirt sit on the hip, not the waist because the top’s cut out looks unbalanced with the skirt at the waist. It is important for that cut out shape to reach its maximum size and begin curving back in order for it to look right.

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