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Gypsies & KittyCatS


Modern Gypsy has released a new collection called Forever Gypsy full of bold new looks, with rich colors, bold prints and that fabulous flair we associate with Micah Kanto. I am addicted to plaid so this dress Muerra Look 5 immediately captured my heart. It came with a red belt, but I was feeling a bit more sedate and in a vintage mood so I grabbed this old wide belt from closet. It’s from Cachet, the former brand of Lelutka designer Thora Charron. It’s also a white belt, that I tinted to match the stones bedazzling the bodice.

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Murder Incorporated

There actually was a Murder, Inc. that flourished (if you can use that word for it) from the 20’s until the 40’s – a company of hired killers and enforcers who worked for the National Crime Syndicate.  However, the mob has never been an equal opportunity employer so I am sure Miss Murder never worked for them. Actually, Miss Murder is the name of the delightful little plaid outfit from A-Bomb that includes this adorable skirt and tie. It’s so cute that it’s already had a few outings on the feed so I decided to change it up a bit by changing the shirt to this one from Cachet (Lelutka).

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Stopping by the woods, I decided to rest a bit on the handy dandy Torridwear benchwarmer. I wasn’t dressed for much walking around in the woods, but a short stroll down the lane could be lovely. Actually, I am wearing the glitch pants from the Cachet Cleo dress – one of my favorite dresses of all time.  Ever considerate of the average fashionista’s desire for versatile clothing, Cachet includes leg prims with the dress so the glitch pants can double as fancy, pleated dress pants.

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Mash-Up Fun

I love the Undine Cami from Pixel Dolls though it does present some challenges to mixing and matching as the long trailing bows on the side are on the jacket layer which goes under system skirts. How sillly is that? Jackets should always been on the outside…but that just means finding a non-system skirt with prims that don’t extend too far to the sides. Sure, I could wear the cami with any pair of pants, but I wanted a skirt.  Before going and trying every skirt in my inventory, I remembered Cachet’s Cleo – a dress that had a very restrained and tailored skirt..and sure enough, it was exactly what I needed.

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Because there can never be enough newspaper dresses

LeLutka Clipping Dress

I love newspapers and  so why not show that love with a newspaper dress?  LeLutka, more recently Cachet, entered the sorority of newpaper honoring creators with this lovely little dress that is dressed up a bit with a lovely net ruffle at the back.

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Minty Fresh Cuteness

Stores like Honey Kitty and DP YumYum specialize in cute. In fact, I believe they have installed security systems in their stores that prevent anything from rezzing that is not cute. If your hair stays grey in the store, you know it’s not cute. If you aren’t sure about an outfit, test it and tp in and see if it rezzes. If it does, it’s cute. But cute is a continuum. Is it as cute as a baby shark with a funny nosel or is it as cute as a baby seal?  This, I think, is just plain off the chart cute.

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Siobhan del Shai

It’s been a long dry spell for us Casa del Shai addicts but the new season brings us some new fashions that have that unmistakable Shai Delacroix texturing mastery.

The dress, Siobhan, comes in 4 color options, including this orange tartan. It’s system clothing making it a perfect dress to wear around the grid with a jacket like this lovely leather jacket from Cachet.

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Professor Plum in the Library with a Wrench

I could not resist taking a look round Trepid Station and must humbly confess that at one point I about jumped out of my skin. I won’t tell you where and why so you, too, can enjoy that shiver of fear without risk that makes such expeditions a delight. I was not frightened by poor Yorick there on the shelf, it was the more active ghosts that bothered me. I was a very chic explorer in the Fitzgerald dress from Cachet a bold enough green to shake the cobwebs out of the attic.

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