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A Comfy-Cozy Coat

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Rachel Zoe

I am loving this big puffy coat from Baiastice for this month’s Collabor88. A puffy faux fur dyed a brilliant blue, it also comes in several other colors. There are thigh high boots that coordinate as well, but I went in a different direction.
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What All the Fashionable Gladiator Are Wearing


One of the dresses that entranced me at AVENUE Fashion Week was this one from Zanze. It’s called Clarice and features a bodice made of chain mail with intriguing triangle cutouts where the bodice meets the waist of the leather shirt, a scintillating little detail that makes the dress. It is so very fun to see these oh-so-masculine and martial materials being employed in a very feminine form, in a dress that except for that telling detail at the waist, is very traditional in its silhouette.

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Autumn is the time for layers and layers of knits and wools and cuddling up warm and cozy or running through the woods kicking the leaves up into the air. The secret to comfort in the fall is layering so that you can take something off while in a heated room or in the heat of the sun and put it back on when the sun hides behind a cloud. In this outfit, I layered a cozy thermal knit top from Sakide with a short wool jacket from VoguE. I have that top in every color and only wish there were more colors of it – one of my favorite wardrobe basic of all time. The jacket is part of an outfit from Vogue that comes with pants, gloves, top, the works, but there’s no reason not to pull out the pieces to mix and match with something else. I blogged the jacket about a year ago with the gloves. It’s one of those striking pieces that work well with others.

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Shopping Carts?

I dreamed I went to Shopping Cart Heaven and woke up in Utopia03 – another of the five World Expo islands. This island is an art installation by Bryn Oh and is called no colour. Similar to the other installations in the series – that name is at once extremely fitting and extremely ironic. The android dreams of the shopping carts are of metamorphosis into the natural and so – with time shifts – the sim comes alive with lysergic-laced dreams of color as the shopping carts morph into fantastical plants and trees.  Alas, their dreams are short and they wake up again to their colorless existence. However, I think there is more beauty in their natural state of detritic decay than in their exuberantly colorful fantasies.

The sim’s monotonal color scheme is a perfect setting for the limited tones in the top and skirt I wore – and the tribal stamp print fabric is echoed in the terrain textures.  Both the top and skirt are from Lelutka – though not produced as a set. The construction of the top is amazing. For example, the main bodice color is achieved by layering the printed texture sculpt with a sheer blue sculpt over it – giving the color depth and luster that is only achieved through the interplay of two separate textures. The details such as the skirt belt and rivets are also extremely well made and add stunning elements of design and precision.

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Mènage á Trois

Well, don’t tell their spouses and partners, but I think that Saschi Vixen of Adam n Eve, Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice and Chance Greatrex of DARE must have had at least a mental mènage á trois because their creations work together so perfectly. When I saw the Adam n Eve Chrome skin I immediately thought of Baiastice more avant designs with a futuristic edge. Putting them together, I knew I wanted a different aesthetic for the poses than the usual and pulled out DARE’s magnificent homage to the art of Robert Longo. I love what the three create together in the pictures I shot at Omega Point. I shot most of the poses in the set if you care to click through to see the rest.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

They just wanna, they just wanna, girls just wanna have fun.  This new dress from SD Wears is called Make Me Smile. Released in several colors, I am wearing the 80’s print version of the dress – an explosion of color and fun. With it, I wore the new skin Mei Li from Adam n Eve and just had to lead with the close up. I just had to lead with the closeup this time because I thought the face was just too cute for you to miss if you don’t click through. Mei Li is an Asian skin which you can see from the skin tone – the face, though, adapts well to my shape and I really liked the effect with the short bob from eha.

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It's a Wonderful Night

It’s a wonderful night
You’ve gotta take it from me.
It’s a wonderful night
Come on and break it on down

I love this outfit I put together using part of the Rock Top mini dress from +plus and the asymmetrical skirt from CoCo. It’s a great dance party outfit and deserves a hot night on the dance floor. The top has gorgeous silver studs on the sleeves and a prim chain attaching at the neckline. With such great embellishments, I didn’t feel a necklace was needed at all.

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