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22769 reasons to go shopping NOW!!!

Hello, lovelies! I hope you’re all doing good šŸ™‚

22769 has released its mesh Ethnic/African inspired collection with awesome tube dresses and tops in different patterns, silk miniskirts and shorts and what i consider the best piece of the collection, a gorgeous turban calledĀ “The Badu”.
The Badu, of course. Erykah docet.


The Badu

More pictures after the cut!
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I do love Peacocks

The best treasure I found at Sari’s treasure hunt was a little top I bought for a mere 45L. You can see it in the photo. It’s called Diving Peacock – and you should know I find peacock deisgns irresistable. But what to wear with it?Ā  Actually, yesterday i saw this adorable ruched high waisted skirt in teal at Little Rebel, but my dilemma was a few days ago. All my system skirts left about an inch of bare belly which is just too informal for the look I wanted.

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Treasures Found

I only spent a few minutes at Sari’s treasure hunt looking for the big balls of yarn, but was thrilled with my find – a lovely Indian print outfit featuring this blouse with a differentĀ  skirt. After I put it on, I felt like exploring and went to ShowCase, the new search feature that replaces the Most Popular Places tab. It’s a great feature and has lead me to new places like the balloon ride – which crosses something like 20 sims and takes 30 minutes. Continue reading