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Not for all the Rhinestones in the World

The textures in the different clothing in this outfit are actually much better than rhinestones. There’s such depth and interest whether it’s the marvelously made top from Maitreya’s Bubble Skirt dress, the intricately patterned skirt from MiaMai or the rhinestone-cowboy-kicking boots from Adam N Eve. I would not trade such depth and interesting textures for all the rhinestones in the world. Add the amazing jewelry from EarthStones and this is a texture-gasmic outfit.

I thought it deserved a great setting for at least one shot – and fortuitously, while I was getting dressed, Lizzie Lexington sent me a landmark to Minute Papillon, a lovely spot for photos. Best of all, you can rez poseballs for photos.  And doesn’t it look better for the glittering lights to be in the trees?

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comfortably chic

I have a few formal gowns in real life including one to-die-for body-hugging extravaganza of embroidery and beads and pailletes with a slit on one side that goes almost to the waist – it’s a hot little number and I almost always wear one of the others. I don’t know why, but most occasions that call for a formal gown are not nice, short little one to two hour cocktail parties but long, tortuous 4 hour banquet, program, dance marathons and whenever I think of hours at a banquet table sitting on those bumpy beads and being scratched by those pailletes and managing that slit to make sure I don’t flash London or France, I push the garment bag along and choose another gown. Yeah, it’s gorgeous and I would happily wear it for a couple hours, but not for 5 or 6. When I saw this gown from LaLei, I thought, yeah, you could wear that all night long and look good until the wee hours of the morning.

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Monica Outlander of MiaMai has realeased a perfectly named dress called Fascino – Fascination. As you can see, it’s a dress made to fascinate and draw the eye, from the form-fitting glittering bodice to the eye-catching belting and neckpiece to the oh-so-captivating low back. It’s a dress that feeds your eyes.

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Where's the Party?

With this lovely new dress from MiaMai’s new collection, I am ready to party, but my social calendar is empty!!! Wah! When I have a dress this perfect for dancing and flirting and what have you, there’s got to be a place to wear it. Someplace with lights that will move around and cast flashes on the lovely sequin top.

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Not Quite as Big Hair

Well, Gidge beat me in the Big Hair Olympics – but I think this is a contender.  It’s a style I love from Detour and is called Torrid – a good name because it does seem to just scream torrid, doesn’t it? I like it because it’s full enough and curly enough that it obscures some intersections that inevitably happen and it’s just plain sexy. With it I am wearing a great little top/dress I picked up at the Clothing Fair from Morea Style.

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Baby's Got a New Pair of Shoes

Anyone who follows my plurks for any length of time knows I am a shoe hound. I love shoes and frequently post pics of shoes that melt my butter. Cat from the A-Bomb team recently was inspired by a pic I plurked from Valentino’s 2010 Spring collection to create a wonderful in-world homage and was kind enough to name them the Cajsa boots. Yes, I am doing the happy dance! Baby’s Got a New Pair of Shoes! and they’re named after me!

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It's Me

Yes, It’s Me under that black hair from !SyDS! that is named It’s Me! Like other !SyDS! hair it is simultaneously marvelous, wonderful, exciting, gorgeous and irritating. I want it in RED!!! I also would love a color script to change the color of the jewels instead of having only pink ones. Please, the quality and innovation is too good to leave us so short on options.  This is one of the fabulous hairstyles !SyDS! made for Accessory Fair 2010 – so get thee hence because even if it’s not red, it’s still red hot! Speaking of red hot….

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A Twenty-First Century Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks was a great silent film actress and model – in fact, I would be surprised if you have not seen pictures of her at one time or another – including many striking nudes. She was very much the iconic image of the flapper era with her short bob and long pearl necklaces and her dramatic, defined makeup. Dahlinks, in keeping with the Broadway theme of the Accessory Fair has produced the Louise Brooks jewelry set of necklace, earrings and cocktail ring. It is quintessentially Art Deco – bold and geometric. Nonetheless, despite its adherence to the era, I did not pair it with something vintage, instead imagining what Louise Brooks would wear if she were alive today.

I found the answer in my Baiastice 2009 folder – the bold assymetric, figure-hugging Black Plastik. She would not be wearing vintage, but would wear the avant-garde. She was bold in her wardrobe then and she would be bold now.

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Going for Baroque

Squinternet Larnia, the avant-coureur innovator behind the brand Donna Flora, has a genius for baroque jewelry with extravagantly bold clusters of gems, crystals and pearls. Her new creation, Emmanuelle, for the Accessory Fair is no exception. I struggled so hard to decide what to wear with it because there were so many options – should I wear lavender, purple, black, cream, gold, red or some combination thereof? With this bold combination of gems, I could go any direction I wanted. Vintage or modern? Avant-garde or classical? There’s real brilliance involved in creating jewelry that you can take with you on many very different journeys in style. I confess to going overboard on the photos, so if you want to see more, they are in the Emmanuelle set on my Flickr.

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