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Now You See It

AlaFolie is one of the wonderful stores features at Modavia Fashion Week. The magnificent Farfalla dress set is an amazing collection with one dress, three skirt lengths – each wearable with or without the jacket for six options, and incidentally (or accidentally), with one of the jacket prims for a total of nine possible looks. This picture shows you the tea length version with and without the jacket.
Taking off the jacket system piece and sleeves, but keeping the remaining jacket prim gives me a baby doll tea length dress. On the right, you can see the short dress length.
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IFW10 – Lazing by the Pond

Yes, me again! I know I am posting several posts today and I will post several tomorrow as well. International Fashion Week is only 4 days and there’s just so much fashion joy to celebrate. This time I want to celebrate the summer scrumptiousness that is Shiki’s Pink Fantasy.

I hopped over to Vie Privee – a new place introduced to me by Hybrid Ansar who sent me a lovely list of LMs to explore.

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Back to Flashmans

Flashmans was a seedy speakeasy of a club that has recently re-opened – to all our great good fortune. It’s a delightful place – an opium den – a bawdy place and one that demands a certain sort of dress such as this Noir SinSin from LeeZu, with the emphasis on the SinSin.

Flashmans is a place for discreet rendezvous with mysterious women who pass coded messages in whispered conversations at the bar.

Go in the mood to explore and to play – jump on the orbiting dance balls, swing on the cabaret swing or sit on bubbles or smoke some bubbles. It’s a place of wit, whimsy with more than a dash of “cigareets, whiskey and wild, wild women.”

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Glam Details

The success or failure of a jacket always hangs on the details. How does it fit? How does it fasten? Are there innovations in the sleeves, shoulders, collar or fastenings? Does the shape flatter your shape? How does it work with other clothing?  We all have different details that we prioritize over others. Some people really focus on the shoulders and what shape they create. Others look for embellishments and fasteners. With the new Keyn jacket from MiaMai, no matter what fashion detail you value most, Monica Outlander has made the effort to satisfy your appetite for innovation and design.  With loving attention lavished on the sleeves, collar, cuffs and textures, this is a jacket that you will treasure and find many opportunities to wear – just to show it off.

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Sissy Pessoa Does It Again

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice is always producing wonderful new clothes that are exciting, innovative and fun. Every week or so, it seems there is something new for her customers and fashion addicts to swoon over. So how, then, does she find the time to also produce whole collections to release en masse? I don’t know, but she did it again and if you don’t find something to swoon over, you’re missing the swoon factor.

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Photo Contests and Me

I have a love hate relationship with photo contests with emphasis on the latter. Mainly I love to look at the winners and hate to do them. More accurately, they make me mad at myself. Because however many times I think I will do one, I procrastinate and forget it and then remember it the day they announce the winners. However, there’s a photo contest ending Friday that did inspire me to enter…this will actually be the third contest I will have ever entered despite a two-year stint as a photographer. As I said, I generally remember the contest the day they announce the winners. The main reason I am inspired to do this contest is that the designer is a good friend of mine with whom I have spent hours giggling. Add to the that the  recognition that the dress is smoking hot.  From Tres Jolie, this is L’Amour Ultra-Mini.

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Antarctic Dreams

Who is going to a traditional Black & White ball for New Year’s Eve?  It seems like nearly all the women dress in white – a nod to the season’s frosty weather. Many of the dresses have snowflakes and crystals to accentuate the seasonal motif. This year, though, you can have the snowflakes and stand out from the crowd in this black snowflake dress from Sascha’s Designs called Antarctica.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by TearSong

TearSong Vaughan suggested I raid Rebel Xtravaganza and it must have been fate, because no sooner did I go to Rebel Xtravaganza than I noticed a lucky chair hiding under the stairs. I have been there a dozen times and this is the first time I noticed that lucky chair and even better, the lucky letter was C. Even better the prize included the exact two items TearSong asked for in her brief.

May I suggest the mellow skirt and winterproof sweater from Rebel Xtravaganza? 🙂 You can pick which color 😉 Maybe combined with a pair of funky leggings and large boots.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Phire

In this edition of the Dress Me Up Challenge, I was asked to go Dutch Touch.   The specific brief was as follows:

I am thinking something from Dutch Touch, preferably with pants, some boots along the lines of the Ribbon Boots from Shiny Things. To top off a more rough and tumble look some hair from Kin and maybe one of the bruised up skins from Tuli that she has for sale in Dogtown (I think they are still there)

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