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Afternoon on a Hill

I will be the gladdest thing Under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers And not pick one.

Edna St. Vincent Millay was not thinking of textiles when she wrote, “I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one,” but nonetheless, when I put on this dress from NOIR for Collabor88, I immediately thought of her poem, “Afternoon on a Hill” perhaps because of that line, but also perhaps because it describes so well, the joy and contentment a person can find in nature.

I will be the gladdest thing
Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.

I will look at cliffs and clouds
With quiet eyes,
Watch the wind bow down the grass,
And the grass rise.

And when lights begin to show
Up from the town,
I will mark which must be mine,
And then start down!

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Raid My Closet Part II


It was easy deciding what to wear for this second installment in the Raid Your Closet Challenge. There are pieces I will never throw out, no matter how old they are. Among them are most of my Paper Couture designs. This dress is from September 2011 and is still available. I chose it because it highlights how much more experimental and effective the Lu sisters are at working with the system layers. This skirt has a bit more shape and body than the usual system skirt – not because of the skirt glitch that gives us all donkey booty, but because they often made full skirts with system pieces. They took the system skirt beyond the skin-tight pencil skirt and played with form. They weren’t the only ones, but they were certainly the most successful. They have not released in over a year. I hope that means they are taking their experimental, boundary-pushing, technology-testing ways to mesh and are preparing to surprise us all. I hope that’s why we have not heard from them in so long.

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The Sweet Spot


High fashion, elegance and sex appeal are not mutually exclusive. I doubt, though, that they have ever come together with such masterful balance as in this gown from NYU for Relay For Life that hits the sweet spot of avant sexy elegance. To make it even sweeter, it’s packaged with three options. You can wear it with the floral skirt and white top, a floral top and white skirt, or with a white top and skirt. And then to make it even sweeter yet, your purchase supports Relay for Life.

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Last Day of Chic2 and Only 3 More Days of SL9B


The worst thing about events is that they close and I always feel that I have not seen enough, highlighted enough or done enough to share the great variety of creations at the event. That’s certainly true of Chic2 which closes today and of SL9B. The entertainment ends today but the exhibits will remain until the 27th. You should definitely go exploring and if you’re a freebie hunter, this is prime territory for freebies. Today I am wearing Tare, a new dress released by MiaMai with a summery pop art print in several colors. I chose orange because I picked up some orange shoes at Collabor88 that I wanted to wear.


But first take a look at this gorgeous tree from New Trails. It’s only 100 lindens at the moment – part of the Spruce Up Your Space event. It’s at New Trail right by the landing point. And then there are those logs on the floor with the moss and bracken. They also come with big mushrooms, but I edited them out since they were more fantasy than I wanted for this. It’s from Gallimaufry and free at their SL9B just two parcels down from the Blogger Carnival. There are six poses in the log, but they were laying down and sitting poses that didn’t work with this skirt and the handbag.

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House of Dashwood for Couture of Hope


The Avenue Couture of Hope fundraiser for Relay For Life is chock full of beautiful designs – which is fitting since hope is a beautiful thing. I particularly love the bodice on this gorgeous dress from House of Dashwood. Appropriately named Serapina after the angels, it’s a lovely and angelic white dress with lovely flowing tulle panels that bring to mind the wings of the seraphim.
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I don’t know what ephidryades are and Google failed me, but one thing I do know, it’s a beautiful dress and the top is as ethereal and delicate as dragonfly wings. I blogged the dress the other day and mentioned I was likely to mix the top up with other items since Sissy Pessoa took care to make the top with a bottom to tuck in. When I saw the skirt from Magoa’s Lilac English Rose dress, I knew I found a great mix and match skirt to wear with it for a shorter option. The skirt has a similar black on black brocade texture that makes a very congruent look. Even better, both are for the Culture Shock fundraiser, so get over there! I went again yesterday and although there were several people there I turned them off so lag did not kill me. Just go to Advance Menu and type in RenderAvatarMaxVisible and lower from the default of 35 to something low like 2 or 3.
UPDATE: Sissy explained that it Ephydryades and means sweet water nymph which totally makes sense when you look at the collar. Continue reading


Sweetest Goodbye added a touch of whimsy to the glamour that has been the driving theme of Avenue’s Couture of Hope event for Relay For Life. When I saw the outfit I had two contrasting images come to mind. Marlene Dietrich who delighted in dressing in tuxedos and top hats and the props from the first Designers United event last year with the Vaudeville theme. I ran with both ideas at once because I lack discipline.
The pose box, hat and cane were all produced by /me for Designers United Vaudeville. Since the event is over and it’s no longer available, if someone wants to use it to snap a picture, just IM me and I will rez it at Glookbone and drop you a LM.
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Orage Creations for Couture of Hope

I first saw this dress when Orage Creations designer Elettra Gausman posted a picture of it on Facebook. The intricate lace of the skirt made me think of gossamer and of fabric woven from spider webs, it is that fine and that delicate. Its delicacy is stunning.
Inspired by the idea of hope, Elettra added some glowing kinetic hearts that swirl around since love is one of the building blocks of hope. In order to hope, we need to love ourselves and our lives, so it seemed very fitting.
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Azul Linda for Culture Shock


My favorite of the three offerings from Azul for Culture Shock is this gorgeous brown and gold floral print. It’s a slinky, body-hugging mermaid style dress that is elegant and formal, but with an easy style that is very contemporary.

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